WE: 4168 GBB revealed!

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WE Airsoft Manufacturer

This one really needs no introductions! Based on our patented, trial-&-true A.W.S.S. (Advanced Weaponry Simulator System) platform, this is yet another "ultra-realistic, true-to-Mil-spec." addition to our ever-growing A.W.S.S. family of gas blowback (GBB) rifles. This ultra-modern variant of the M4 platform features our latest patented internals, as well as out Gen 2 hop-up system; fully anodized receivers and Mil-spec. 1913 Quad Rails are also standard. This rifle is now in stock for immediate delivery.

First shots of GBB HK416 from Wei Tech in action:


WE 4168 GBB


Next will be the M14 prototype from WE, we will keep you informed!

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