WE Airsoft Europe NUPROL 2 and 3

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No April Fools Joke! ;)

WE Airsoft Europe NUPROL 2 and 3

As we checked-out during IWA 2014, the NUPROL series gasses are a high performance green gasses, this gas performs superb in cold weather conditions. This is great news for the colder countries in Europe. Available as of today.

The NUPROL 3.0 gas performs even better, high power green gas performance at -10 degrees celsius! Yes, -10! This enables everybody in the colder countries to use GBB guns without and hassle. Do NOT use this 2.0 gas above the 7 degrees celcius! Both gasses are in stock now and ready to order wholesale, soon available at the WE Airsoft retailers near you! Poland

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