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An introduction: Black Bear Airsoft is a new airsoft brand of Airsoft Quality Supplies. They start their production with several handy magazines with the lonex magazine system.


Here is our new product that we are proud to present to you, the Lonex Flash Magazine. We have been working on a copy of the lonex magazine system. Here are the different magazines that we run:


- M4 360 rds (full metal)
- AK47 500 rds (ABS)
- G36 470 rds (ABS)

Each magazine is like the real ones, except that they have a wire system for a faster reloading (360rds, hi-cap, 5 secs winding) and are all TM compatible.


Their website is still undercontruction, but be sure to check out at a later time. Their facebook page looks a lot more active and show even more products which will release soon: Poland

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