BOLT's Releasing Strongest Recoil AK AEG

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Check their new AKSU74 with BRSS!

BOLT's Releasing Strongest Recoil AK AEG

The strongest BOLT AK recoil AEG is completed and ready to shock the world in August! This AK AEG is the first AEG with the most strongest recoil simulation of Airsoft in the world. They promise us a new improved design which made the recoil power just like a real AK. If that's true, that would be amazing! 

The model stays very close to it's real steal conterpart, therefore make it a very realistic replica. It comes with a complete new gearbox design, a lot of new internals and realistic bakelite made motor grip. It's btw Front Wired. Also worth mentioning is the new improved body structure, 50% more strength! 

In store in Europe ealry Q4 2018. Stay tuned! Poland

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