ASG CZ Shadow 2 Pistol Review

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RWTV review by Marck and Mr. Airsoft Surgeon Clarence himself!

ASG CZ Shadow 2 Pistol Review

Watch this guys! The most anticipated pistol of the year is out now. You have to check this Pistol review by Redwolf TV (RWTV). The ASG CZ Shadow 2 is ready, and looked really promising already at IWA 2019! We are really looking forward to this final version. See what Marck West and Clarence Lai have to say about it.

"The ASG CZ Shadow 2 is the highly anticipated pistol designed as the latest follow up to the renown CZ Shadow 1 (SP-01). The Shadow 2 is a culmination of gunsmithing know-how and competition pedigree, all of this is apparent in the ergonomics and shooting experience of the pistol."

The pistol has near identical weight (1260gr!!) to it reel steel counterpart, full metal with good finish, perfect grip and slide operation and TM compatible hop-up. Sights are great, and both green gas and CO2 can be used as power source! It certainly is a big step forward from the SP-01. We hope to get our hands on the item soon! Stay tuned for more Poland

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