eHobby News - New EMG Falkor AEG Rifle arrived!

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Member Exclusive Discount 10% OFF & New EMG Falkor AEG Rifle

eHobby News - New EMG Falkor AEG Rifle arrived!

8 new interesting items from EhobbyAsia. Including the new EMG BLITZ Falkor Defense SBR AEG. Licensed and designed by Falkor Defense. Including Engraved "FALKOR" marking. Check all items below, more details and images in their store:

1.EMG BLITZ Falkor Defense SBR AEG

2.EMG REECE Falkor Defense .223 AEG

3.EAC (APS) CAM 870 MKII Shotgun

4.EAC (APS) CAM 870 MKII Shotgun

5.EAC (Umarex) H&K VP9 Tactical GBB


7.BUSHNELL Trophy RDS (TRS-25)

8.UAC Milestone Standard Slide


eHobbyAsia Xmas sales!

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eHobbyAsia also joins the 2015 Xmas party :)

eHobbyAsia Xmas sales!

Here are the Christmas Sales from eHobbyAsia! When you order at their online store, you will receive big discounts (up to 40%) on special items and also a free gift! Check the details below:

(1) All items - 10% OFF
(2) All Boots - 20% OFF
(3) 5.11 Items - 10% OFF + Free Gift
(4) Revision, Blade-Tech, Blackhawk, Hazard 4, TRU-SPEC, MSM, MAGPUL Appreal - 20% OFF
(5) GHK M4, G5 GBB - Free G5 Mag



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Custom Zombie Killer Conversion Kit @ HOOHA


Launched during the HOOHA showl; The Mugen FireThe ChainSAW! "SAW" stands for "Squad Automatic Weapon", damn what a machine! It was originally developed as a technical concept to test new ergonomic designs for light machine guns. The ChainSAW was designed to only be fired from the hip, with a handle along the top to hold the firearm.

Pull the trigger system at the back with a unique design lever mechanism. It means the user would wield the ChainSAW as if they were using an actual chainsaw. As the ChainSAW is intended to be hip-fired, various targeting aids were developed alongside it to aid the aiming and accuracy. This is good for horizontal non-stop shooting movement in Zombies massive attack. The conversion kit is easy to install, no special tools or modification is needed :) Happy zombie hunting! 


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