Sneak Preview GHK 553 GBB Rifle

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Marck from Redwolf Airsoft has an IWA teaser!

Sneak Preview GHK 553 GBB Rifle

Let's pay some attention to this new SIG-style airsoft rifle, a GBB rifle! GHK will be delivering a 553 GBB and Marck West of RedWolf Airsoft is happy to give you a sneak preview of it. This item will be at IWA 2018 and we will certainly bring Redwolf Airsoft a visit. It comes with a flip-up front and rear sight, the folding stock is stiff and solid. And the best part, the 3-round burst! The overall gas consumption seems to be very efficient. Certainly to be continued during IWA 2018 and the next episode of RWTV! 

Update: No release date is set yet.


Hephaestus Custom x GHK AMD-65 GBB

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Limited Edition!

Hephaestus Custom x GHK AMD-65 GBB

It will cost you USD 590,- and than this AKM model is yours. A special limited edition of the AMD-65. Those interested, check the pre-order in the link below...



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For a long time now, GHK have been designing incredibly sturdy and reliable magazines for the M4 GBBR series for other companies. Now they're coming out with their own version so in this episode of RedWolf TV, Tim will be giving the information you need to know based on what he was given!


News from GHK!

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GHK plans to release the M4 GBBR in March...

News from GHK!

The passion of the 31st round, "Low temperature is a GBB killer."
Some user test G5 in cold weather (around 10℃) and found that the power of shoot did not level down no matter semi or auto mode. It is accepted by everyone that G5 has good performance of gas efficiency.
In fact, the development of G5 use concept of GHK PDW started from two years ago; and the whole idea is around upgrading gas efficiency. But the test result could never reach the goal: it always failure after the 31st bullet shooting... Poland

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