Sneak Preview GHK 553 GBB Rifle

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Marck from Redwolf Airsoft has an IWA teaser!

Sneak Preview GHK 553 GBB Rifle

Let's pay some attention to this new SIG-style airsoft rifle, a GBB rifle! GHK will be delivering a 553 GBB and Marck West of RedWolf Airsoft is happy to give you a sneak preview of it. This item will be at IWA 2018 and we will certainly bring Redwolf Airsoft a visit. It comes with a flip-up front and rear sight, the folding stock is stiff and solid. And the best part, the 3-round burst! The overall gas consumption seems to be very efficient. Certainly to be continued during IWA 2018 and the next episode of RWTV! 

Update: No release date is set yet. Poland

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