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Custom Zombie Killer Conversion Kit @ HOOHA


Launched during the HOOHA showl; The Mugen FireThe ChainSAW! "SAW" stands for "Squad Automatic Weapon", damn what a machine! It was originally developed as a technical concept to test new ergonomic designs for light machine guns. The ChainSAW was designed to only be fired from the hip, with a handle along the top to hold the firearm.

Pull the trigger system at the back with a unique design lever mechanism. It means the user would wield the ChainSAW as if they were using an actual chainsaw. As the ChainSAW is intended to be hip-fired, various targeting aids were developed alongside it to aid the aiming and accuracy. This is good for horizontal non-stop shooting movement in Zombies massive attack. The conversion kit is easy to install, no special tools or modification is needed :) Happy zombie hunting! 


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