AirTech Studios Launches 3 NEW Products!

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Let us explain the STC, IBS and the ARA :)

AirTech Studios Launches 3 NEW Products!

Interesting news from Airtech Studios! Ted friendly dropped news on their latest innovations. Let us briefly explain all those abbreviations and what they can do for your Airsoft setup. Airtech is known for their very usefull often small changes with BIG impact to your Airsoft setup. Check out their latest 3 new products;

 3 products, in particular, are made for the ever-popular G&G ARP9 and 556 with many players now running with these models. On the other hand, we have create similar products for other G& Models, KWA, and Krytac Kriss vector.

* STC - Speed Trigger Convertor
* IBS - Inner barrel stabilizer
* ARA - Advance hop up arm made for the RHOP builds

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