New partner LCT Airsoft

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Introduction to LCT Airsoft! Founded in 2007...

New partner LCT Airsoft

LCT Airsoft is located in Changhua County, Taiwan. They are a professional airsoft AEG manufacturer focusing on AEG designing, developing, and manufacturing. All in house.

So far LCT has released a lot of models of all steel parts, high quality AEGs of the real AK series assault rifles. The ultimate goals at LCT is to make AEGs as realistic as possible. We are confident to make a promise to our customers in the quality of our products with the realistic & solid structure design and stable performance.

The predecessor of LCT Airsoft was Li Cheng Molding Company established in 1982. In the beginning of starting period, Li Cheng was a traditional factory focusing on molding and metalworking. After accumulating many experiences and answering to the need of the market, Li Cheng gradually transformed into the field of developing, designing, and manufacturing on industrial molds associated with the automobile parts, sports and medical equipment.

In 2004, Li Cheng entered the area of airsoft by an incidental OEM project from another company, and successfully developed and released the various models of AK series AEGs. The airsoft is an industry of requiring high professionalism and emphasizing the correctness on the details of the designs in historical and structure features. In 2007, LCT Airsoft was officially founded in Taiwan.

Furthermore, LCT Airsoft is also capable of accepting the OEM/ODM contracts. We already have a number of experiences to cooperate with many companies. Welcome to contact with us about the partnership.

Now in 2016 LCT released many M4, AK and a special M60 model. LCT Airsoft is well known because of their full steel ultra high quality externals, realistic wood applications, stable internal platforms and quite unique platforms like the AS VAL. The biggest retailers worldwide (like WGC ShopEvike and Redwolf Airsoft) carry this brand, it’s much respected. Really worth checking out their models (pricing between 250,- and 370,- euro), and that’s exactly what we gonna do! Check the factory tour of November 2013 below...


MODIFY M4 XTC at HOOHA Show 2015

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More details during the IWA show!

MODIFY M4 XTC at HOOHA Show 2015

We allready announced the MODIFY XTC for IWA 2015. Seems like the MODIFY XTC is almost done and ready! Visitors of the 17th edition of the HOOHA Show (Taipei, Taiwan) already had to privelige to view this non-operational prototype. During IWA an improved prototype will be on display, still not the final production model. Final production will start in April, we might expect the first models in store around May.

We will let you know all the details including some nice pictures when this model is presented to the European market at IWA 2015. 


LCT Airsoft - New Airsoft Manufacturer

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Introduction of new Airsoft Manufacturer

LCT Airsoft - New Airsoft Manufacturer

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