AI Tornado Grenades legal in Holland!

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Finally some #boomboom in Holland! :)

AI Tornado Grenades legal in Holland!

Great news this Friday! As founder of the Dutch Airsoft Association NABV I am pleased to bring this news. The good old Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade has finally become legal for use in Holland! After years of lawsuits and lobby the NABV managed to get this done! This is great for Airsoft in our home country, where the Tornado grenades will provide an extra dimension to the game. Most certainly in CQB games!

Please do keep in mind this is ONLY for the Tornado Timer and Tornado Impact grenade. The news does NOT include the new and cheapers Cyclone Grenades. Be aware! Let's hope there will be a Cyclone without spoon very soon, and hopefully we can use them also in Holland. Do know the old Tornado's are not produced anymore and supplies (and parts) will be very limited.

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Airsoft Innovations promotion

Written by // Ronald “SlickAxe” Meeuwissen Categories // Manufacturers

Free matching Spoon Kit & Bang Kit for Europe!

Airsoft Innovations promotion


Airsoft Innovations is offering a promotion on all Tornado Grenades (Impact & Timer). While supplies last we will ship Tornado Grenades with a FREE matching Spoon Kit & Bang Kit in Europe & Asia. North American customers will receive a GunGas Kit and a Bang Kit  - $35 value!
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The Airsoft Innovations Team Poland

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