New Airsoft Youtube channel: 4UAD SmartAirsoft

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SmartAirsoft that's what we do!

New Airsoft Youtube channel: 4UAD SmartAirsoft

Let us introduce you to 4UAD! Tehy are the team of Airsoft and Science lovers who believe we can bring Airsoft to another whole new level. Not only our show needs to be entertaining, all the products needs to be helpful. SmartAirsoft that's what we do.

This is some serious testing and science added to Airsoft rifles. Their first video is a really good video about the Airsoft Hop-Up explained! Let's dive into it and optimize your range. We will definately keep an eye on the channel and share some future interesting video's...

"I bet you haven't seen an Airsoft Hop up effect this clear before, and guess what? We even got a grading system to grade its hop up performance! Check out how we test out this Stock ICS Sig 552 AEG, and find out its hop up performance!!!"

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