Finally, the ASG CZ 805 Bren is out!

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Introduction of the CZ 805 Bren assault rifle to the Airsoft world

Finally, the ASG CZ 805 Bren is out!

FINALLY IT’S HERE! After checking this item out at IWA 2016 (March) ASG is proudly introducing the CZ 805 Bren assault rifle to the Airsoft world. The A1, long version and the A2, short version. Both versions of the CZ 805 Bren assault rifle are fitted with a monolithic integral Picatinny rail on the top of receiver, and additional rails running on the sides and the bottom of the foreend. The adjustable side-folding buttstock can be completely removed if maximum compactness is required.

Removing the stock requires no tools and provides easy access the to battery compartment
and the quick change spring guide, allows fast changes to adjust to field regulations. The CZ
805 Bren is available in both black and desert.

UPDATE: Pricing will be around the 400,- euro mark in Europe.


Redwolf announces availability of Ares MS338 and MS700

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rifles offer spring, gas and CO2 bolt options

Redwolf announces availability of Ares MS338 and MS700

Redwolf kicked off the new year with the launch of the much anticipated Ares MS338 and MS700 spring powered bolt action sniper rifles. To get everyone's attention, the stock rifles kick out a good 380fps of firepower (.20g BBs), so that should give everyone a good indication of what it will do when the springs are upgraded. (I would say it could prove difficult to stay within the common 500fps limit most events have)

What's even more interesting: you can change the bolt for a gas bolt, or a CO2 bolt if you wish. (both sold separately, not yet released).

The MSR's sport a full-metal lightweight construction, and sport the following features.

  • Foldable stock, adjustable cheek rest.
  • Tactical rails for scope, sights, bipod
  • Aluminum Outer barrel & flash hider
  • Ultra light weight rail system
  • Easy to disassemble. 
  • Ergonomic designed hand grip
  • Rails on the stock that allows sling mount attachments

The rifle is 890mm long when the stock is folded, and 1100mm long with the stock fully extended.

These rifles are famous from various games, like Modern Warfare 3, MAG, SOCOM 4 and Ghost Recon Online.

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