Weekend special: WE T.A. 2015 GBB launched!

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P90 Gas Blowback model called the TA-2015!

Weekend special: WE T.A. 2015 GBB launched!

WE Airsoft dropped their latest release in our mailbox, the announcemend of their new P90 Gas Blowback version renamed to the TA-2015.  Which is now available for purchase including a limited edition GBBR magazine that has dummy bullets inside. The WE T.A.2015 GBBR's will be available from selected distributors in Asia on Saturday! Get in touch with your local dealer to be one of the first ones to get your hands on this long-awaited beast of a GBBR.

A couple photos of the final WE TTI production versions of the WE T.A.2015 GBBR can be found under the read more button. Some exclusive shots from the factory itself. This limited edition version of the magazine is exclusive to WE TTI and WE TTI distributors only. Poland

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