Madbull Steel Bull barrel

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Finally available again!

Madbull Steel Bull barrel

RE-introducing the long awaited Steel Bull 6.03 mm steel tight bore barrel. This popular-by-demand item is back in stock and back in action. Significantly increase your shot grouping, FPS, and accuracy, all while reducing wobble. Once again you can posses the performance of MadBull's Steel Bull tight bore barrel.


MODIFY Precision Inner Barrels

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Available worldwide!

MODIFY Precision Inner Barrels

Our popular products 6.01 and 6.03 mm Inner Barrels are available worldwide. It is made of 1st Class Stainless Steel and Aircraft Aluminum Alloy. Not only high quality material, but also extremely straight with high rigidity and accuracy. The package includes 2-Oring+ Hop Up Bucking. It makes the excellent air seal and allows the BBs smoothly go in.

If you would like to know more details, please do not hesitate to contact with us or local dealer.


New 6.02mm Tight Bore Barrels by Raptors Airsoft

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Raptors Airsoft Introduces 6.02mm Square Cut Tight Bore Precision Barrels

New 6.02mm Tight Bore Barrels by Raptors Airsoft

Raptors Airsoft announced to us that they are now carrying their own brand of 6.02mm Square Cut Tight Bore Barrels.

These 6.02mm barrels are available in the following lengths:

  • 229mm
  • 247mm
  • 275mm
  • 300mm
  • 363mm
  • 407mm
  • 455mm

According to their own press-release to us Raptors Airsoft says they saw a need for an accurate and affordable 6.02 barrel in the airsoft industry. "There are high quality 6.02 barrels are on the market, but they cost twice as much as this one."

Raptors Airsoft thinks they have found the perfect size in 6.02mm, since it still gives much of the benefits of 6.01mm, but takes away much of the high cost and maintenance. Poland

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