BOLT Airsoft MB5 BRSS Recoil

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First test video of prototype now online!

BOLT Airsoft MB5 BRSS Recoil

Bolt Airsoft posted on their Facebook page a video showing the prototype Bolt MB5 BRSS AEG being tested. This is probably is the first MP5 AEG that comes with blowback and recoil features. It has been some time now since somebody released a new MP5 airsoft gun and this one should be good for those looking for a CQB AEG that has the BRSS features. No idea yet when this will be released though, hopefully we will find out more during IWA 2016.

They now claim to have made an MP5 AEG model with strongest recoil power in the world! First impressions on the video look solid, hopefully this model is a bit more reliable than their M4 models. That sound.... is at least different ;)

UPDATE: Release is set for June 2016! Poland

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