AATV IWA 2011 video updates

Here are the latest video reviews presented by AATV regarding the IWA 2011 show in Nuernberg. Check out this latest footage in our video channel...




AATV Video Round Up

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Here is the latest update from AATV airsoft shows. A nice round up of their latest airosft video's.Check out the YouTube movies below:




S-Thunder AATV introduces different S-Thunder products:

40mm Grenades

Grenade Launchers





AATV Video Review Shorty: AEG Burst Wizard Little device, big change: The Burst Wizard replaces the full auto mode of your AEG with an adjustable burst mode. AATV reviews the "magic" item:




AATV Video Review: ASG B&T GL-06 AATV reviews the B&T GL-06 Grenade Launcher, which is made by ARES and sold by ASG in Europe. Sorry for the bad audio = rain sucks.





Besides, did you already check their new website? Nice job guys!


AATV: Low budget TV Show ahead

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Gregor from AATV announced a TV show within the AATV production. The format fot the AATV TV show should remain the same, lots of sarcasm and up-to-date reviews and information on the latest what is hot and what is not. A lot of succes for this project, we will continue to inform you about their show!




The AATV Low Budget Talk Show feat. G&G TGM A4 RTB. The title says it all: AATV goes Late Night - with a tight budget. Expect terrible unfunny talk show comedy and a G&G TGM A4 RTB review.


Airsoft Butiken

Swedish airsoft shop.


Airsoft Extreme

Airsoft Extreme is internationally known as one of the oldest, largest, and longest-running airsoft companies in the United States. We are the acknowledged pioneers in making high-end Airsoft more available and affordable in the US and for offering a full range of high level upgrades, accessories and professional technical assistance. In addition, our professional staff includes experienced shooters, law enforcement veterans, and military veterans with combat experience. What also sets us apart from most other companies is that we are enthusiasts of the products that we sell, just like our customers.

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