Madbull Powdershot Landmine

Introduction This landmine is the first mass produced Airsoft landmine and is finally availeble for scenario gaming or just for fun! Add variety to your war game experience with this gas powered land mine that detonates when your enemy steps on it. Shower them with baby powde or use as a distraction device. This mine includes a loud pop when detonated! People will scare to death!

First Impression
I just received these unique thing in and I'm really impressed! Looks are cool and opperating is really fun! The design is simple and save and works very practical and fast. Even a safety ring is included. What kinda disappointed me was the size of it. More on this later.

This landmine will deliver best performance with CO2 gas, which gives off a VERY loud "POP" sound when stepped on. Green gas or red gas can be used as well. HFC134a gas will work but will be quite weak. Gas charging is as easy as filling any GBB or grenade shell. Baby powder loading is also very simple - just remove the upper cover and put the powder on the dish. When you are ready and the mine is in position, unscrew the safety ring, put the upper cover back and hide it with leaves or straws! Resetting the mine is very easy and is done very fast.

Using some chalk or flour will add a nice smoke effect. The smoke effect is not big but adds a nice effect. We used during this test movie HFC green gas. We expect that propane makes a decent louder pop and sprays out the flour a bit better. Madbull recommends a maximum pressure of 500psi in their landmine, you will than certainly be rewarded with a very sharp bang.

You can also put 8mm BBs or paintballs over the holes so that they fly upward when the mine is detonated, this is adviced not to do for optimal performance. Madbull has deliberately chosen not to make this landmine use 6mm BBs for safety reasons since the BB's would fly upwards and possibly through the games in players' safety glasses.

Individually serial-numbered for easy identification in case someone tries to steal your landmine and make it theirs!??

There is one part of the mine I found annoying though. The black plastic "safety ring". It can be pressed onto the trigger plate rather firmly. Be sure to install it properly otherwise you will need tools to remove this ring.

In the field
This is really funb in the field. It really adds a nice dimension to airsoft and you can really scare people to death :) We experienced 2 rather small things to discuss. First we expect that the fill valve may get clogged with mud or dirt, best way to solve this is to put some duck tape or something down there to prevent some filling problems in the future. Maybe mdbull should improve this with some sort of cap. Second the magbull landmine is rather small. On the pictures the mine looks pretty big. However when you compare it with a computer mouse it is almost the same in size. This is not a large "teller mine" and you will definately need some mines to make this approach effective. At least 5 I would say and that will become very costly.


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The MadBull TALON system is a licensed product by Gemtech. Originally the Talon Trinity system is a 9mm conversion for the AR-15 series, build in the upper receiver.

The Trinity System made by Madbull features a barrel extension module with interchangeable rails for use with many different Airsoft replica AR-15’s from TM to CA to ICS. The Madbull Talon is a welcome addition to all the standard 4-sided RIS RAS rail systems for the AR15 replicas. Its rail setup versatility is it’s foremost feature to me.

First Impressions
Out of the box the unit looks impressive with all its supplied rails and millions of screws. Even if you fill all the hole’s you will still have enough screws left to build a house, anyway back on subject. Also the supplied outer barrel and silencer look and feel rigid. The Product looks good, time to take a closer look.

Installing with the original barrel
Installing the Talon is easy, except for the slip ring disassembly, this part of the installation is a hard nut to crack without using some brute force. But past this point the Talon installs with ease.

Installing with supplied barrel / silencer
If you want to use the supplied silencer then the outer barrel assembly is much easier. But you will have a problem with the length of the original inner barrel. You have 2 choices, cut the original inner barrel to the correct length or buy an extra inner barrel with the correct length. I would choose the last option if I have to. I would only use this setup in CQB terrain, not in woodland. Due to the short length of the inner barrel you would have an imprecise trajectory.

Overall fitment of the Talon is very good. If you place the 2 halves together and screw them on tight there is no movement or friction. It fits tighter than a Classic army RIS unit for example. And I think more durable also. Alignment with the top rail of the main body can be done precise. Madbull even supplied a slim spacer for the 1mm misalignment with CA bodies. With this spacer they are leveled

Choosing the setup you want for the many rails supplied is easily done and within a few minutes you changed the look of your front-end. Just by using u hex screwdriver. Unfortunately I could not find a hex key supplied with the kit, this could be accidental. Luckily I’m well supplied with various tools.

Madbull made the front-end out of two pieces of thick machined aluminum. All parts have great fitment with each other, everything aligns correctly. I have the feeling that you could run a big 4x4 over the Talon front-end and it would still have its shape.. Sorry didn’t test it. Silencer and barrel assembly are also perfect, the silencer has 2 parts, screw them together and the seem almost disappears.

Should you buy the Talon? Yes. Yes, because you can have a completely different look to your replica and for the build quality. With the kit you can choose to keep your original barrel or set up your replica with the silencer. Interesting would be to setup a replica to 9mm conversion with the Talon front-end

Ease of fitting:    ***
Build quality:    *****
Reliability:    *****
Comfort:    *****
Value:    ****
Overall:    *****

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Main Irish Airsoft, Ireland's First and Largest dedicated online and walk in Airsoft retail store.


MICH Replica Helmet

Common information
The MICH (Modular Integrated communications Helmet) TC 2000 is the replacement for the PASGT. The MICH is now used by the US Army/Airforce along with many other units around the would. It comes in tan or olive for a desert or woodland environment. Remark that the helmet is a replica! It can not by used as real head protection!

The shell is made of high impact ABS plastic and has a rough finish to it. The MICH has an updated suspension system which consists of 7 soft pads that fit in to the helmet by means of 16 Velcro disks so the fit can be tailored to the wearer. This really enables you to suit the helmet for your own use. You don't need to focus on your equipment anymore but you can focus on the mission!

The inside of the MICH helmet, you can clearly see all the 7 soft pads...

The helmet is held on to the head by means of a 4 point system with a neck pad and opens with one Fastex clip.


Side view of the MICH helmet

Front view of the MICH helmet

This helmet got everything you might expect from a helmet. Comfort, weight en usage are just fine. The helmet also looks durable and certainly suiteble for airsoft employment. The helmet only comes in tan and olive drap but you are able to buy several kinds of helmet covers in your favorite camouflage. So this won't be a problem. Even nightvision tools can be mounted on the helmet! So the helmet certainly has a lot of functionality. A nice addition to your equipment. However I still prefer a boonie head or cap, just because the looks and the weight.

Milspex CIRAS Land Version Vest

A geardo’s gear, without a geardo’s pricetag?” Before I begin this review, I would like to genuinely extend my thanks Paul at RedWolf Airsoft for providing me this opportunity to review this excellent vest. For more information about RedWolf, please read their shop review here: Redwolf Airsoft Shopreview.

Milspex’s CIRAS (Combat Integrated Releasable Armor System) is a replica of the famous armor carrier used by the USSOCOM. The real vest, manufactured by Eagle, costs an arm or leg for most airsofters, not only is the Milspex version affordable, it includes all the necessary pouches.

The features of the vest are as follows:

  • MOLLE/PALS compatible
  • Quick release system (exactly like Eagle’s)
  • Detachable shoulder pads
  • Internal and external cummerbunds for tight fit
  • Removable soft “armor” plates
  • Cordua fabric
  • Fully adjustable for height and width

Eagle produces 2 versions of this vest, the Maritime and Land versions. The vest being reviewed today is the Land Version, which is different than the Maritime Version ( The cummerbunds end anteriorly and is overlapped by an abdomen flap.

The vest is very light and flexible when compared to the RAV (which is also gaining popularity among our military troops.

A view of the vest, without all pouches attached. Notice that the back also is covered in MOLLE, allowing attachments for a hydration pouch.

This particular vest is constructed out of 1000 Denier Cordua, which is just about the strongest material available on the market; like other high quality vests, and plate carriers, they feature one inch, military specification webbing across the front and back for mounting various pouches. On this vest, Milspex had made sure to keep up the quality by having the webbing triple stitched.

Even though most low cost, replica plate carriers/vests are not exactly the best of quality, I can honestly say that this particular vest does and will meet and even exceed an airsofter’s expectations. The vest doesn’t feel like a “toy” or a “costume accessory”. I have had friends in the military tell me that my replica can almost be mistaken for the real CIRAS because of the quality.

Here you can see the extremley sturdy stitching of the MOLLE webbing.

All parts of the vest can be separated an adjusted individually. Each part has an attached “strip” of wide webbing with many eyelets, like a belt. Simply have all the “parts” meet together to the back of the vest, and take the loop of para cord and insert it though all the desired eyelets. After this, take the metal cord and slip it through the para cord, and pull it to make it tighter. The process is straightforward; simply imagine the whole process as wearing many belts. After looping the cord through all the parts, simply leave it alone, as the pressure of all the combined “parts” will keep everything tight. The below picture shows the back panel lifted, revealing all the “strips”.

Wearing the vest
Most people are actually confused when asked how to wear this particular vest. And in reality, it is a bit complicated. First, place your head through vest, and attach the internal cummerbunds, they are elastic, and should be attached securely, to reduce unwanted movement of the vest during combat. Secondly, lift the front MOLLE flap in the center. Now you have access to attaching the external cummerbunds. Take the cummerbund (either left or right) and attach it to the front, then take the other side and repeat the process. After doing this, simply drop the front MOLLE flap down, and button it back. Since the front MOLLE flap will always move up and down, don’t attach any pouches between the flap and the external cummerbund.

Internal Cummerbund

MOLLE flap up

First External Cummerbund attached

Second External Cummerbund attached, and MOLLE front flap down. The vest is now ready to go.

Color Options
As seen above, these are the other CIRAS Land Versions that Milspex produces. The coyote brown (CB) is shown first, and the olive drab (OD) is shown second. The one being reviewed today is the OD vest. Milspex also produces the Maritime version of the CIRAS, also available in CB and OD. Both shades of colors match the “real” Eagle CIRAS.

This package is available on Redwolf Airsoft for an incredibly low price of only $148 USD. Most vests cost around the same price, but don’t even include any pouches! This includes all the pouches, seen in the above pictures. Here is a list of all the pouches included:

Admin Pouch
The admin pouch is great for operators because it has a large area of loop Velcro, for adding any patches you desire. The pouch is separated into 2 separate compartments. The lower compartment includes 2 loops of cord that enable the user to slip objects roughly the size of glowsticks, in order to secure them. The back compartment is slightly larger, and is great for putting folded maps, or other small, thin objects. This pouch is usually attached to the front chest.

Dual Pistol Magazine Pouch
The Dual Pistol Magazine is good not only for holding pistol magazines, but can also hold folding knives, or Surefire 6v flashlights. The lids of each compartment can be adjusted and even removed, as shown in the picture below.

Dual M4/M16 “Blackhawk-type” magazine pouch (2 included)
Simply put, this magazine pouch is extremely versatile. It was designed for AR-15 type magazines, but can also be adjusted (like the Dual Pistol Mag Pouch). Each compartment in the pouch can hold up to 2 M4/M16 type magazines, or 3 MP5 magazines, all with or without magpul’s. The lids can also be completely removed, at the operator’s preference. Since the lids can be adjusted, it will most-likely be able to fit most other magazines. Since the package includes 2 of these pouches, you will be able to fit up to 8 AR-15 type magazines, and 12 MP5 magazines.

General Utility/Magazine Dump Pouch
This particular pouch is not very fancy, but it gets the job done. The pouch was designed to be able to carry basically anything you can fit inside. But most people find it useful for carrying extra BBs or a small emergency medical kit.

Gas Mask/Accessory Pouch w/ Internal Elastic Retainers
In reality, this pouch would usually play the role as a gas mask or medical supply carrier. However, in airsoft, this pouch is very useful for carrying larger items such as your paintball mask, or a large canteen (if you don’t already have a hydration pack). Since this pouch has internal elastic retainers, you can easily attach items to the 2 inside “faces”, thus making access much quicker, than having to dig through the rest of your belongings inside.

Quick Release Accessory Pouch for Radios, etc.
The sole purpose for this pouch is to hold personal communication radios. The elastic cords secure the radio, while allowing the antenna, adjustment knobs, and headset (if attached) to come out, without interfering with a lid. The pouch can hold radios from personal to industrial sizes, and can be released with a quick release of the buckle.


  • Extremely sturdy stitching
  • High quality fabric (Cordua)
  • Many included pouches
  • Button snaps are tight
  • Quick release function, like real CIRAS
  • Stable when worn correctly
  • Very modular
  • Magazine pouches have detachable and adjustable lids


  • Bulky (like all body armor)
  • A little bit hard to get into

For the price and quality, this vest cannot be beat for its price. It features many pouches which sold separately, are expensive. The vest offers complete modularity for personal preferences. The best feature are the 2 cummerbunds, they help secure the vest so it won’t move around during a firefight.

Final Score: 9.5 out of 10

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