IWA 2010 by AATV

AATV LogoThis year we were unfortunately not able to make it to the IWA 2010 show in Nurnberg. However AATV from Austria did visit the show and made several nice video's!

  • AATV @ IWA2010: Clarence Lai about Airsoft IPSC Part 1/2
  • AATV @ IWA2010: Clarence Lai about Airsoft IPSC Part 2/2
  • AATV @ IWA2010: Airsoft Innovations Impact Grenade
  • AATV @ IWA2010: G&G (F2000, RK95, FNC)
  • AATV @ IWA2010: Redwolf Airsofts RPG-7
  • AATV @ IWA2010: King Arms
  • AATV @ IWA2010: Evolution Airsoft & Classic Army

King Arms M4 Troy CQB A3 Combat AEG

Details of the TROY CQB A3 Compact AEG

    * Full Metal AEG
    * 7mm Bearing Gear Box.
    * 7' Free Floating Forearm Rail System
    * 10.5' One Piece Outer Barrel
    * Bolt Lock System
    * 300 Rds Magazine Included
    * Weight: 2.8kg
    * Length: 67-75cm


    * This model comes with a nice grip, with pressure switch possibilities.
    * Rail covers are included!
    * A hi-cap magazine is included
    * The bolt catch/lock system is a nice feature
    * Comes standard with a good crane stock
    * Nice BUIS Rear Sight (Troy Folding Battle sight)
    * Nice tight fit with Marui and CA mags (Perhaps even better than the KA mag)


    * There is too much wobble in the crane stock.
    * The hi-cap magazine filling cap has a different, less durable design.
    * The selector switch is way too smooth.
    * FPS comes at 310 FPS, this should be at least 330FPS standard.
    * Hard installation of the battery in the Crane Stock

The Verdict

We were impressed by the overall construction of this AEG from King Arms. There are however a few downsides that we have taken note of. Also many many possitive items we mentioned. This AEG is rock solid, comes very complete and has a good competitive pricing. So overall a good AEG from King Arms, hope they can supprise us even more with great AEG models.

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LCT Airsoft - KTR Krinkov AEG release date

Categories // Manufacturers

The KTR Krinkov AEG is going to be released at the beginning of December. Check out their website at Krebs Custom is a US-based maker of custom AK lineups in semi-automatic mode. No pricing details yet, but you can check with your retailers when they are going to have this in stock...


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