Leviathan V1.1 by Jefftron

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Lot's of improvements made to the Leviathan V1.1

Leviathan V1.1 by Jefftron

Is appears to be busy in the world of aftermarket Airsoft MOSFETS! Today Jefftron also announced updates to their MOSFET unit, the LEVIATHAN V1.1.

Their bluetooth operated unit Leviathan has been improved thanks to a lot of feedback. The ew version is allready in stock with 2 years warranty even if end customers destroy it by themselves. Now you can also choose trigger color during your order (black, red, blue).

What is new in this version?
- added version with wires to front
- improved current load capacity for upgraded weapons
- added pads for the MAXX hop-up chamber BBs illumination or powering electric magazine
- moved semi and auto micro switch for better cross-manufacturer compatibility
- added labels to the board for easier installation
- clipped jumper pins between boards
- you can choose between black, red and blue trigger or without trigger
- available 35A and 40A mini fuse for extra buy

More info and buy: 

RETAIL PRICE is identical to the previous version: : 99,-- EUR


GATE Electronics Aster MOSFET

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GATE ASTER V2 will be launched in early August!

GATE Electronics Aster MOSFET

GATE Electronics has always been shooting for the stars. And now, we got you one. Meet ASTER V2...

The younger brother of TITAN replaces trigger contacts with computerized controller equipped with innovative optical sensors. It's smart fuse protects your AEG’s battery, motor and the controller, even in case of reverse battery connection

Also, you choose how to configure ASTER - simply via trigger or through USB-Link / Blu-Link and our advanced GCS app. Which way will you like better...

Ready for the Star? The countdown has started. ASTER will be launched in early August!

Check its details and comparison to TITAN at:


Big updates from Airsoft Systems

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Lot's of summer updates at Airsoft Systems

Big updates from Airsoft Systems

Big updates from Airsoft Systems. They are ready for summer high season. Their new website, new Mags, new ASCU light. And soon to be ready hop-up and ASAR15. Stay tuned!

For those who don't know Airsoft Systems, they have over 10 years of experience and are specialized in developing innovative products for the airsoft industry and market. They were the first in the world to fully integrate a computerized mosfet with sensors inside a Version 2 AEG gearbox. Today they produce one of the most advanced and field proven electronics for airsoft application, and they are OEM producer for electronic units for other airsoft brands. As from 2018 they have opened their new factory, were they have closed the circle from design to prototyping to full scale production of their hi-end airsoft gun the ASAR-15.


Novelties arrived at Gunfire

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Gunfire’s weekly update! CZ Shadow 2 pistol and novelties in stock!

Novelties arrived at Gunfire

Updates from Gunfire! They now also have the ASG CZ Shadow 2 pistol in stock and a lot of additional novelties to check out. Check new side arm models and choose one for yourself! Summer Upgrade sale is still on!

Check the special sales below:  

- Overview of Sidearms 

- Opsmen mounts and tactical flashlights. 

- Earmor Active hearing protectors.

- Fosco camouflage paint 

- Additional sales items

And for a funny highlight, check the latest edition of the Tactical Leszek show...a dive into the latest innovation of Retractamag :)



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Launch of a new initiative by NLA and many industry partners & friends


I am proud to launch this new initiative for all Airsofters globally. After months and maybe years of preparation, it is actually going to happen! LAUNCH of the Airsoft T-Plug initiative, supported by many of our friends and partners from the industry. Continue reading what this is all about!

Go T-Plugs and Drop Tamiya now! – #PlayWithTPlugs
Today we launch, a joint initiative from the well known Airsoft news website NLAIRSOFT.COM and Titan bringing the Li-Ion revolution to Airsoft. Our mission is to switch the Airsoft industry to T-Plug connectors so all players benefit!

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