Berget 16 - Iron Claws announced!

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Summer 2018! Get ready!

Berget 16 - Iron Claws announced!

Berget Events is very excited to present the plans for their upcoming Berget game in June 2018. The story will be a direct follow-up on last years event and many units will return this year. Berget will put a lot of effort into balancing the teams to make sure it will be an equally challenging and action packed experience for all sides.

Tickets will run out fast, so please make sure to have a 2nd choice for your team since tickets to some teams/units might run out during the first few hours of ticket release. All tickets to Berget 16 will be released via on Sunday the 5th of November 2017 20:00 CET (GMT+01). The tickets will be sold at discounted price of 129€ (the discount is 30€) the first night. The following ticket prices will increase by the turn of each month. We are doing this to reward those who buy their tickets early which help us plan and make a better Berget for all.

Many of our returning players have seen the progress in the digital transformation trend both in Berget and airsoft in general. This Berget game will continue with improvements in communication and technology! Check all their plans and improvements and further details on their website.


British Shooting Show 2016

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When? 12th, 13th, 14th FEBRUARY 2016

British Shooting Show 2016

This weekend is the largest trade and retail gun show in the UK. The British Shooting Show 2016. Mainly focussed on guns, however some airsoft retailers will attend! 

For those in Europe able to visit the show, visit the Airsoft Exibitors this weekend on 12TH, 13TH, 14TH FEBRUARY 2016. STONELEIGH PARK, WARWICKSHIRE CV8 2LG.

Retailer included are Stirling Airsoft, Gunfire from Poland, Just-Cause Airsoft, Templar Airsoft and Dave's Custom Airsoft. Sounds great to us!

OPENING TIMES: 8.30am to 4.30pm on all three days of the show. Car parks open at 6.45am and are free.

TICKETS: You can buy tickets on the day (£20 per adult, £9 per child aged 8 to 15 years) but it’s cheaper to buy advance tickets online. You can also call the ticket hotline, tel 01258 858448.

Enjoy the show! We will keep you informed when any newsworthy will show up during these days ;)


Airsoft Surgeon European Championship 2015

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Announced for 11-13 September 2015

Airsoft Surgeon European Championship 2015

t’s now official, the Airsoft Surgeon Airsoft Practical Shooting European Championship is now set to take place on the 11th to the 13th of September 2015. This event, which will be on its third year of airsoft practical shooting action in the UK, is expecting top airsoft practical shooters in Europe and even some of the best shooters from Hong Kong will be participating in this event.



echo1 throws another appreciation day - 350 player event

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'green versus tan' held april 27th, at SC Village in Chino, CA

echo1 throws another appreciation day - 350 player event

echo1usa has announced their next anual appreciation day will be held on april 27th, at SC Village in Chino, CA.

This 'green versus tan' (there's your dresscode people!) event will be 350 players strong, as echo1 is naturally hoping it will be as sold out as the last one is.

Naturally there will be some sweepstakes, and prizes to win:

  • Rifle Dynamics HMG
  • Platinum Edition M16
  • Full Defcon Gear Loudout worth over $300
  • Modular Tactical Carbine (MTC) 1
  • Robinson Arms XCR Polymer
  • RedStar OCW
  • SOB 1
  • LMG with Drum Magazine
  • First 100 players receive a free Echo1 Hat and Patches
  • Free BB bottles and kill rags for all Players

Tickets are for sales at the following places:

Eventbrite (echo1), SC Village, Airsplat, Airsoft GI, Evike walk in store.



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Airsoft magazine Airsoft International and Roundhouse productions present to you, Operation: Red Reign. A good looking event, unfortunately held in the USA.

AI 500

In the dark hourse of Mid November, Chinese and North Korean Special Operations Forces, led by Russian Spetznaz forces, make a daring and surprise drop into the small town of Marina, California. This little sleepy town just became the front for what could become World War III.

Britain and the United States stand alone in the face of a global communist threat. Now, behind enemy lines, US and British Special Forces must work together to blunt the offensive launched on US soil.

Even worse, intel reports suggest a possible horror never seen before used on US Soil - the use of Chemical and Bio weapons. Fears that the North Koreans have developed a new bio weapon so frightening, so destructive, that just a few canisters of this vial weapon could decimate the West Coast.

This weapon, designated "Red Reign" must never be released...

Join us for the most intense Urban combat on the west coast!
More information on the field can be found here:




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