0'20 Magazine #issue 16

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The 16th issue of 0'20 Magazine is now online. You have to register and login to read the online version of the magazine.

0'20 magazine issue 16

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0'20 Magazine: Germany Special Released

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New issue of 0'20 Magazine is all about Germany...

0'20 mag german special

If you don't have the printed magazine and want to know about international and spanish Airsoft, 11th issue ON-LINE of 0'20 Magazine is available. This issue is focused in German lookalike (events, reviews, teams, tests...)
In this issue you´ll find (among other articles):

  • Kommando Spezialkräfte (Check Republic) vs. Special Airsoft Gruppe (Portugal). Both are Germany lookalike teams
  • Event: Camel Spider 5. Fifth Moon.
  • Review: HK 416 UMAREX
  • Test: UMAREX G36
  • Dr. Gijoe diary: German Army
  • Big Game (Chile) Blood´s Diamonds
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • In opinion of:  Walther P99 and Legends P08
  • Spanish Event: A.R.E.S  (Airsoft Realistic Series). Anaconda Operation

Best regards!

0'20 Magazine


15th issue of 0′20 magazine out now

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The latest issue of 0’20 magazine is in the shops now:

020 magazine issue 15

The last 0´20 magazine issue is already available in the best airsoft shops and distributors. If you don’t have the printed magazine and want to know about international and Spanish Airsoft, now you can enjoy our previous issue online in our site!! (


Airsoft International - October issue available!

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The latest issue of Airsoft International is available, check out the details below:


Airsoft International October 2011 issue


Hello and welcome to your latest issue of Ai. Last month we took you back to the fetid jungles of Vietnam with a special issue covering the war, its weapons and its troops. This month, we are taking you "back to the future". No, we're not going to be getting all Marty McFly and shooting each other "Western Style" from horseback, although that gives me an idea. Instead, partly inspired by our visit to Edgar Brothers Airsoft to see the people behind Magpul PTS (see pg 8), and partly by a jaw dropping short video you can see here:

We've decided to come bang up-to-date and covera "Dynamic Shooter" load-out. The feature starts on page 24, so flick through and take a look at our low-down on light weight, high impact airsofting, with a liberal dose of fancy gear and some Chris Costa-esque facial hair. THREAT! The high speed, low drag theme continues with this month's "Ninja" feature, where our man Frenchie gets ruthless with kit and questions everything in an effort to cut down weight and move faster, we're not talking Mars bars and a can of coke at lunch either, this is all about the kit you use or rather the kit you don't. It's not all about firing from contorted positions and rapid mag changes though, as elsewhere in the issue, head dismantler Jack Baxter gets his hands on the new Ares M3 Greasegun. As with most things Jack gets to spend more than 30 seconds with, he's gone at it with the tool kit and stripped it down for all to see. As well as being a great replica of an iconic WW2 weapon that is still used today, the Ares M3 hides a few quirks of design, are they a stroke of genius or just impracticalities?

Check out TakeDown on,pg 16 to find out. Well, that's that then, just a few of the highlights of this latest issue of Ai, we're sure you'll find plenty more, but it's a start.


Have fun out there guys, see you on the field!


Airsoft International volume 6 Issue 5 out tomorrow

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The latest issue of Airsoft International Magazine is due out in the shops on Monday:

Airsoft International Volume 6 issue 5Hi Guys, Just wanted to inform you that the next issue of Ai hits the shelves on Monday, Yet another 92 page edition, full to over flowing with everything you need to know about Airsoft We are in the process of ramping up our global in store activity once again with major news trade promotions. Other magazines try, but cant emulate what we have achieved.

On another note we have a thriving face book page up and running. We are just about to start a weekly competition so sign up and enjoy the party. Ai is the biggest selling Airsoft magazine in print  and the most popular airsoft magazine now on face book.

Airsoft International Magazine

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