SoftAir Dynamics Magazine: Issue 8

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Here is the latest news from Italian airsoft maganzine, SoftAir Dynamics. They present their latest issue, issue #8. Most important topics are Classic Army: M14 EBR Scout & M15 A4 RIS Carbine Blowback, Real Sword:Type 97B, tactical gear and technical information (five-seven, color your AEG).  Check for more information their website below...


SoftAir Dynamic issue 8

Check their website at



Take Aim Magazine: Issue #10

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Alan sent in news regarding their latest issue of airsoft magazine Take AIM

Issue 10 of Take Aim will be released everywhere this weekend!

Available from WHS high street stores across the UK!
Available in North America through our US distributor “OnTarget Airsoft”
Available from Tesco & Easons across Ireland!

Contents Include:
Warlord Episode 1 (milsim series)
UK Site Report.
USA Special (North Atlantic Airsoft Expo)
Airsoft team special (The Lost Souls)
Review 1 (WE KAC PDW GBB)
Review 2 (ARES G36C)
Review 3 (AK47 AIMS)
Review 4 (STI Lawman)
Maintenance & Mods
Airsoft Competition.

Virtual Gamer section:
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 review
Metro 2033 review
Aliens VS Predator review
Previews: Alpha Protocol, Spec Ops: The Line,
Homefront, Medal of Honor 2010.
Arma II Special


TAKE AIM issue 10


Warsoft Mag n°22

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To discover the beginning of the week coverage of the 22nd number Warsoft Mag, to be published Friday, October 28.


Warsoft Mag 22


Contents of this issue:

- our report on the show & Shooting Games Show held in Paris, Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles, from September 9 to 11

- how to turn a M4 GBB WE-r old generation (AWSS) in Open Bolt art

- lla held 'Soviet Afghanistan, "Ben, Russophile warned;

- our tests of SCAR FN Herstal G & G Armament / Cybergun, the GR16 CQW RUSH G & G, the FN P90 Cybergun, the Enfield L86 of Ares, the Mauser M712 Tercel, the Colt 1911 Chrome WE, the SR36 to CBC, TW5 of Systema.

- The 'Paperclip' of Néo035, the fifth installment of the series on the Internet for WWII

- Following the adventures of "Faust," the hero of the comic Leonidas Herrera

- the minutes of OP Resurgent Fury, Legend 2, Fort Rock 5 "Stargate" and the 2011 edition of the white feather sniper challenge

- our competition, with the all-new RUSH GR16 CQW offered by G & G Armament

- our presentations Poitevine Airsoft Association and The Black Night.


More information at




Warsoft Magazine - Issue 10

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The next issue of Warsoft Magazine will be out on October 26th!

Warsoft Issue 10

The new issue will contain:

  • The customs of Fred and Aurelian.
  • Testing the CAW M134 minigun, the A & K Masada, the M60 and the Tavor 21d'ARES of M4 CQB WA.
  • Mike's advice and Sylvain barrels for accuracy.
  • Tour of Duty and Battle Soft Pluto Search.
  • Good advice from Grizzly on teambuilding.

Check for more information at

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