Airsoft Expo - 20th & 21st Sept 2014

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Airsoft Expo - 20th & 21st Sept 2014

As one of the fastest growing hobbies/sports in the UK, until now Airsoft has never had its own dedicated exhibition. Airsoft Expo is a new show created to meet this demand for the whole Airsoft Community.

The inaugural Expo will be taking place on the 20th & 21st September and plans for this show are well underway.

Organisers, Meridienne Exhibition, are looking forward to presenting a full show in the newly extended Warwickshire Exhibition Centre. This venue offers 2,280m2 / 24,545 sq ft or indoor space to be used exclusively for Airsoft Expo.


New: Dynamic Action Sport (DAS)

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A new Airsoft Team Competition Concept

New: Dynamic Action Sport (DAS)

A video is being spread around regarding a new team sport for airsoft. The video, produced by PTS, introduces Dynamic Action Sport (DAS) as a team based competitive sport using the latest technology. DAS is the latest in the line of proposed game formats for team-based competition in airsoft. Whilst team-based airsoft shooting competitions, whether force on force or tactical shooting, have been around, there is no set standard of team-based competition that is followed by airsoft players worldwide.



European Airsoft Association launches logo contest

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price pot to fuel rebranding step

The EAA today announced their plans to take a new step in roadmap, and decided to go for a rebranding.

Since to most of us in the community it is no secret that we have many, many talented people amongst us, the EEA also decided to launch a contest for the new logo design, so the logo can be sources straight from the community it represents.

Now, off course a contest is nothing without some nice prizes to win, and they have found quite a bit of help in the community once again:

  • JD Airsoft supplies a WE XDM 4.0 pistol
  • Airsoft Action Magazine donates a year subscription
  • Gunfire throws in a 11.1V LiPo 1200 mAh pack
  • Also from Gunfire: HDR Shield Tactical gloves
  • A mortus ultimate tactical mask (v2) by Gunfire
  • a 5.56 t-shirt from Gunfire
  • And last but not least:  3 bags of Rockets Professional BB's. 0.25g, 1KG also by Gunfire.

the competition runs until april 29th, and be sure to check out the guideliness on the EAA competition announcement.



3rd Airsoft Players' Choice Awards Results

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Popular Airsoft announces NABV officers chosen for special award

3rd Airsoft Players' Choice Awards Results
The results of Popular Airsoft 3rd installment of the Airsoft Players' Choice Awards are in, and it is with great pride that we can say that The Officers of the NABV have been choosen as winners in the special catagory! It's a very much deserved award for all the hard work they have put into making airsoft legal in The Netherlands, and the next milestone is on this very evening, as they open up for membership applications tonight at 20:00 local time. (CET).

BORDER WAR: Photo contest

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Check out this contest!

BORDER WAR: Photo contest

This year for the first time… Airsoft Community Europe presents you in
cooperation with the Border War Crew and The Border War IV Photo Contest

Take the best picture you made during the whole event and send it over to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Like up the Airsoft Communty Facebook Site and also the Gunfire Facebook
Site to win!After your submission we`ll post your photo on the Airsoft Community Europe Facebook Page into the folder BORDER WAR – PHOTO CONTESTThe first three picture with the most LIKES wins. Continue reading to check the prices! :)

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