RWTV Reviews you have to watch

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Tim reviews the VFC Fabarm STF/12 Gas Shotgun, Marck checking the Umarex HK416 A5 GBBR

RWTV Reviews you have to watch

Redwolf Airsoft TV is one of the biggest Airsoft industry YouTube channels. With our 330.000 members they produce seceral video's a week. Including good reviews by Tim and Marck. Check below their latests reviews your simply have to watch! Both great guns to consider people :)

Tim reviews the VFC Fabarm STF/12 Gas Shotgun:

Marck checking the Umarex HK416 A5 GBBR:


WGC SHOP relocation sale

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WGC will be relocate during Feb 2018. Check their discounts!

WGC SHOP relocation sale

Our partner WGC SHOP informed us about their warehouse relocation plans during Feb 2018! Instantly benefit from their sales and check their discounts

Be aware: Orders payed before 28 Jan 2018 will ship out before 31 Jan 2018. Orders payed after 28 Jan 2018 estimate to be shipped out by the end of Feb 2018. Also discounts do not apply to pre-order items!

Nov19 Monthly Update

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Massive restock on many brands and products! Monthly Update

The month of October was a good one and we got plenty in stock for November for all the airsoft players out there: had a massive restock on many brands and products. We have made an overview for you so can cherry-pick your favourites:

- Laylax: PSS10 accessories and tuning parts:
- Clawgear: Pouches for rifles and pistols, belts and weapon slings:
- FMA: Grips, beacons, ballistic plate dummies, helmets, magazines:
- Element: Headset, rifle scopes, rails, springs, handguards, reflex sights:
- Pirate Arms: Red dots and reflex sights:
- Umarex: AEGs HK416, Co2 capsules, magazines, GBB and CO2 pistols:
- ASG: GBB pistols, magazines:
- Warrior: Belts, pouches, chest rigs and carriers:
- Oakley: ballistic glasses and goggles:
- Crye Precision: G3 combat pant and shirt, plate carriers and belts:
- Mechanix: shooting and tactical gloves:
- Airtech Studios: innovative battery extension chamber for your AEG stock:

Make sure to head over to and check out all the restocked gear!



eHobby News - New EMG Falkor AEG Rifle arrived!

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Member Exclusive Discount 10% OFF & New EMG Falkor AEG Rifle

eHobby News - New EMG Falkor AEG Rifle arrived!

8 new interesting items from EhobbyAsia. Including the new EMG BLITZ Falkor Defense SBR AEG. Licensed and designed by Falkor Defense. Including Engraved "FALKOR" marking. Check all items below, more details and images in their store:

1.EMG BLITZ Falkor Defense SBR AEG

2.EMG REECE Falkor Defense .223 AEG

3.EAC (APS) CAM 870 MKII Shotgun

4.EAC (APS) CAM 870 MKII Shotgun

5.EAC (Umarex) H&K VP9 Tactical GBB


7.BUSHNELL Trophy RDS (TRS-25)

8.UAC Milestone Standard Slide


MAXX Model ICS hopup by Skirmshop

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MAXX Model ICS hopup by Skirmshop

Lucky ICS owners please pay some attention. At Skirmshop they had a plan for 3 years about manufacturing the best hopup for ICS airsoft guns but could not find any suitable company who could create this. They teamed up with MAXX Model company who has a long history of manufacturing RC helicopters and drones. Together we made this hopup unit for all ICS enthousiastics who want to take their Hopup system to a next level. Costs involved are around 70 EURO. 

- Machined from 1 solid aircraft aluminum block with tight tolerances to provide better accuracy, consistency, and durability.
- Specifically designed for ICS CXP/CS4/EBB M4/M16 Airsoft Rifle series.
- Designed with BB Latching System for automatically locking BBs into the Hopup Chamber to prevent dropping BBs after removing the magazine
- Automatically opening Latch for fast shooting after the magazine is re-inserted
- Manually opening Latch to release BBs from the Hopup Chamber by hand
- Dial Knob built-in for precise adjustments
- Specially re-engineered the Hopup Arms to work with R-hop, Flat-Hop and Standard-Hop precisely and consistently
- Removable Brass Threaded Slot Pin for adjustment and maintenance
- Accepts wide range of Air Seal Nozzle's length from 20.50mm to 21.00mm
- Fully compatible with most aftermarket soft and hard rubber bucking without losing FPS or dropping BBs
- Equipped with 3 O-rings, 3 Compression Springs on top, at bottom and in center of housing to ensure the hopup unit is exactly centered, straight and air tight at all times
- Equipped with 2 Vinyl Covers on both sides of hopup housing to prevent dust and view the BBs that left inside the hopup chamber
- LED and Electronic Modules will be sold seperate or in a set to make it a tracer unit.

Check all the details at

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