"Dear Valken: I believe you can go to hell"

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An open letter from ZHOT USA

The M12 Sidewinder is an essential piece of gear for every airsoft player's kit. With the quick spin of a crank, almost any M4 mid-cap magazine can be fully loaded in under 5 seconds. This innovation led to a lot of drama again in the Airsoft industry. Continue to read the open letter from Odin distributor ZSHOT USA owner Wallace.

The reason for this is that ZShot is a distributor of Odin Innovation's Speed ​​M12 Sidewinder distributor and Valken distributor a few days ago added a similar product (BB Speed ​​Loader) in its own range and at significantly lower prices. Nuprol Airsoft has a similar copy product and should also remove it from their product line!

Update: The Valken has now removed the product from its webshop. Nuprol should do the same! Poland

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