Evolution Airsoft is ready to break the mould

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A new project for 2022

Evolution Airsoft is ready to break the mould

Evolution International S.r.l. will launch a new product this year. The Airsoft Company based in Milano, Italy is ready to break the mould again. But what do they have in mind? For almost a year Evolution Airsoft has been working on a top secret news, which will once again revolutionize the world of Airsoft. The only thing they have leaked is that it will be yellow and will be strictly Made in Italy. We look forward to hearing what Evolution International s.r.l. from the Italian Capital of Design will launch on the market Stay tuned!


Evolution International E.T.S. III released

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Find out more about Evolution International SMART AIRSOFT GUNS with the upgraded version of E.T.S.III™.

Evolution International  E.T.S. III released

There are quite some updates in the after market MOSFETs lately; PERUN released their Krytac Vector drop-in Mosfet. Jefftron is now default in the new ASG EVO's and also Evolution Airsoft from Italy comes with a big announcement below. Guess what they all have in common? All manufacturers have been upgraded to the latest Airsoft T-Plugs as new standard in Airsoft, that's so cool!

Now more about the E.T.S. III; Endless possibilities of different functions and configurations. No additional software required. No external programming unit required. No PC connection or Apps required It is super-easy to program via just the trigger. Fast, easy and trouble-free! We welcome the new ETS III from Evolution Airsoft. 


The E.T.S. III™ is the most advanced programmable electronic trigger ever installed in a stock airsoftgun and it is the easiest to use. While other manufacturers install electronic units with very limited basic functions and require to buy additional software to unlock the advanced functions and use an external programming unit, PC or apps to program them, the E.T.S. III™ have all the avanced functions out of the box, and no need of extras to use them, all you need is your finger as all functions, even the most advanced ones, are programmed via trigger. Fast and easy!

All details regarding the release can be found here:


KRYTAC FN P90 Announced!

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The latest hot release from KRYTAC

KRYTAC FN P90 Announced!

Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG), the production and distribution subsidiary of, have announced their airsoft reproduction of the FN P90 to equal applause and scratching of heads! Manufactured in collaboration with KRISS USA Inc.’s premier brand of airsoft products, KRYTAC, under license granted by Cybergun SA, this promises to be a superlative AEG, but one which will no doubt suffer much analysis from the chairbound airsoft community before they even get their hands on one!

What we do know is that the EMG P90 AEG will be a 1:1 representation of the FN P90 Tactical SMG, a top loading, bullpup submachine gun, with MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny top rail. The body is made of a durable, impact resistant, polymer, with an aluminum upper receiver; and an ambidextrous magazine release, charging handles, and selector switch. The P90 is a select fire SMG with a compound trigger in Auto mode, a half press fires one round, a full press fires automatic. The EMG P90 is fed through a 200 rounds mid capacity magazine, with selectable 50 rounds capacity switch.


Tokyo Marui NGRS MP5A5

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Finally there is a Next Generation MP5A5 from Tokyo Marui!

Tokyo Marui NGRS MP5A5

The price of the next-generation electric gun MP5 A5 is set at 59,800 yen (excluding tax)! Which is about 450,- euro; here in Europe it will probably land around 600,- euro mark. As a first within the next-gen series, it will come with LiPO batteries natively however with a proprietary connector. Unfortunately Tokyo Marui has not yet joined our Airsoft T-Plug initiative.

We will try to get more details to you as they unveil...


New Jefftron Leviathan V2 optical mosfets

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Preorder now with estimate availability June 1st 2021

New Jefftron Leviathan V2 optical mosfets

Jefftron presents their latest generation mosfets, available June 1st! Check all the details this latest itteration has to offer below. The Leviathan - V2 optical is one of the most advanced ETU (electronic trigger unit) on the market nowadays. It combines optical and switch sensors for better handling and durability!

Build-in wireless communication for quick setup using iOS or Android smartphones! Supported with great app design. Tactile trigger switch has travel only 0,13mm long for ultimate hair trigger feeling

Unique Real feel trigger system (RFTS) with integrated spring simulates trigger resistance like in the real gun. It adds secondary resistance with release after the fire. RFTS was designed by professional gunsmith for more realistic feel from shooting

Easy installation into the gearbox (fully integrated inside the gearbox instead of the original trigger contacts), now also supporting Krytac gearboxes. Leviathan – V2 optical supports these airsoft guns:

M4, M16, HK416, AR15 with V2 gearbox according to TM design
M4 with V2 gearbox from Krytac company
SR25 with V2 gearbox according to TM design
MP5 with V2 gearbox according to TM design
G3 with V2 gearbox according to TM design
M249 with V2 gearbox according to TM design
M107 BARRETT from Snow wolf company
And others ...


All this with a 2 year warranty. Check the video below, how they are made! 


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