KRYTAC FN P90 Announced!

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The latest hot release from KRYTAC

KRYTAC FN P90 Announced!

Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG), the production and distribution subsidiary of, have announced their airsoft reproduction of the FN P90 to equal applause and scratching of heads! Manufactured in collaboration with KRISS USA Inc.’s premier brand of airsoft products, KRYTAC, under license granted by Cybergun SA, this promises to be a superlative AEG, but one which will no doubt suffer much analysis from the chairbound airsoft community before they even get their hands on one!

What we do know is that the EMG P90 AEG will be a 1:1 representation of the FN P90 Tactical SMG, a top loading, bullpup submachine gun, with MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny top rail. The body is made of a durable, impact resistant, polymer, with an aluminum upper receiver; and an ambidextrous magazine release, charging handles, and selector switch. The P90 is a select fire SMG with a compound trigger in Auto mode, a half press fires one round, a full press fires automatic. The EMG P90 is fed through a 200 rounds mid capacity magazine, with selectable 50 rounds capacity switch.


“Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG) is excited to bring this new Licensed FN P90 to the Airsoft and training market,” according to George Melahn, Marketing Manager. “We are very pleased to collaborate with KRYTAC and Cybergun on this endeavor.”

“The P90 AEG is beloved for its compact size, weight, and ease of upgradability. We’ve elevated this great platform in the same way that every KRYTAC product stands above the rest,” states KRISS USA Marketing Manager, Tim Seargeant. “Subtle, but significant, features are designed into this P90 to improve the useability and ownership experience. The trigger pull is adjustable through a small port behind the grip. The hop up window opens when pulling the charging handle, and it’s large enough to be adjusted while wearing gloves. Removing the butt plate reveals the quick change spring guide and a generous battery compartment, due to the fuse mounting to the gearbox, reducing unnecessary wiring. Internally, 8mm ball bearings support all three gears, integrated MOSFET, T-plug connector, and electronic fire control unit with last round cut off, when using KRYTAC Magazines.”

The EMG P90 will be available worldwide beginning in September 2021. Standard packaging will include one mid capacity magazine, metal P90 muzzle device, Tamiya to T-plug battery connector, and one picatinny side rail section. Pricing and performance will vary by region. For more information on the EMG P90 visit the product page at

Whilst this is certain to excite the dedicated following that the P90 undoubtedly has in the airsoft community it strikes us as an “interesting” choice given the breadth of more widely popular models covered under the Cybergun “FN” licence.

Undoubtedly again it will be a superior AEG as what we’ve seen recently from the EMG-driven AEG “licenced models” program has been very good indeed, but we can only hope that the P90 is the start of a rollout of the FN back-catalogue that Cybergun have…

UPDATE: A full video review from Jonathan - Airsoftology has been added now!


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