Airsoft Amigos - The Airsoft Show

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Airsoft Amigos - The Airsoft Show

Airsoft Amigos are on a big airsoft series project. Called "The Airsoft Show" it looks like they are aiming to change how an airsoft video series will be done. They are hosting a pre recorded show with an actual audience, a TOPGEAR like show for Airsoft :) 

All episodes will be online @theairsoftamigos YouTube Channel so be sure to be subscribed! This show will be episodic and every episode will have a certain subject matter. Here is episode 1 ready to watch! The second show is planned for the end of Oktober 2018!

About the Airsoft Amigos
THE AIRSOFT SHOW came to fruition when (formerly REDWOLF) Tim moved to Canada to pursue his acting dreams. In Canada, he met with friend and filmmaker Matt (founder of AIRSOFT AMIGOS), who was pushing to create “airsoft entertainment”, something everyone can enjoy, not just gameplay videos and reviews but films, skits, and entertainment centered around a sport we all know and love.

With similar passions and ideologies, Tim decided to partner with the AIRSOFT AMIGOS, bringing his creative strengths and knowledge to the table. Combined with Matt’s understanding of film work and unique creative ideas, the AIRSOFT AMIGOS is set to take the Youtube world by storm with their creative outlook on a sport loved by many.

About The Airsoft Show
THE AIRSOFT SHOW was initially conceptualized by Timothy Selby. He brought the idea to the table and with a few beers and many late night discussions, a strategy and game plan was launched to create the first airsoft talk show.

This one of a kind show is a brand new venture into a new area of the internet: airsoft entertainment for everyone. Focusing on relevant topics, interesting gear and tech, and the latest in airsoft development, the show is looking to bring a lighter side of the airsoft world to the masses.

The show is looking to create a 20-30 minute episode exclusively for the Youtube channel (​​) each month, featuring a new topic, guest, and a variety of surprises. Currently looking for gear, sponsors, and unique gameplay clips to feature, they are poised to take the airsoft world into a new generation of creative content. Created for the community, by the community, THE AIRSOFT SHOW IS EVERYONE’S AIRSOFT SHOW.

Visit their channel:​ ​

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