IWA Airsoft Meetup 2018 update

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Final schedule, speaker list and 2018 panel discussion

IWA Airsoft Meetup 2018 update

Just a few days left before the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 in Germany starts. We have been busy as hell finalizing the details for the Airsoft Meetup 2018 that will take place on Sunday, the 11th of March 2018 at 14:00 to ensure that it is pulled off without any hitches. Thank god, we completed the list of speakers in time. Check the final schedule here... 

Some are already mainstays at the Airsoft Meetup such as RedWolf Airsoft, Gunfire, and Airsoft Innovations. Valken Tactical and Classic Army’s distributor in Europe, DM Diffusion are coming back in 2018 to give their talk. For the first time G&G Armament will be speaking at the Airsoft Meetup with Charlie Suarez, G&G’s Marketing Manager, talking about the G&G CQB World Cup Competition 2019.

For the first time too at the Airsoft Meetup will be a panel discussion on the trends and hot topics in Airsoft. This is a try-out with Kelly Louise Hardwick (Femme Fatale Airsoft), Bill Pryce-Thomas (Airsoft Action), Michael Belousov (Border War), and Jonathan Higgs (Airsoftology) will be in this panel and if you have questions to throw at them, better be at the Airsoft Meetup!

To top off the Airsoft Meetup will be the awarding ceremonies of the 8th Players’ Choice Awards and Owen "Master Chief" Lagman will once again take charge of handing off the awards to the winners.

If you have not booked your slot for the Airsoft Meetup, better do so now. Remember though, you will need a trade visitors pass/ticket to the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 in order to attend the Airsoft Meetup. Lest, you forget, here are the details:

IWA Outdoor Classics 2018
11 March 2018
1400 – 1700H
Hong Kong Room
Nuremberg Messe 

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