Airsoft T-Plugs available Worldwide

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Order yours today and join the initiative!

Airsoft T-Plugs available Worldwide

After receiving a lot of worldwide support regarding our initiative #PlayWithTPlugs, we are very proud to announce the next big milestone: As of TODAY the official Airsoft T-Plug is worldwide available, for EVERYBODY!

Whether you are a manufacturer, a tech shop, a field owner or just handy with a soldering station. You can now easily enjoy affordable, quality T-Plugs which soon will be the industry standard for AEG’s, MOSFETs and Batteries within the Global Airsoft Industry. This guarantees 100% compatibility, 100% performance and NO more concerns regarding connectivity.

Thanks to our partner Titan, the Airsoft T-Plug can easily be ordered from China, USA and The Netherlands. NO MOQ, NO LEAD TIME! Just pick your nearest location!

Manufacturers interested, please get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Would like to check the tech specs? Download the tech spec-sheet here. More details on the UPS codes can be found here. 

Let’s get as many T-Plugs in place as soon as possible. Cya Tamiya!

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