New partner StratAIM

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New quality Airsoft BB Grenades

New partner StratAIM

Today we launch a new partnership with StratAIM. You might have heard of them for their Airsoft BB Grenades.
Since 2017, a lot of work has been done on the StratAIM BB Grenades. They first started to develop the Nova48 and then the Epsilon. The Epsilon is now in its 3 version, the mk3, on the market since last month. And we recieved a review sample.  NLAIRSOFT.COM was immediately convinced after testing and we therefore entered into a partnership.

StratAIM - "The international feedback is super positive. We receive continuous feedback from dealers and users that it is the best grenade they have used to date. The quality, user-friendliness and minimal maintenance make it the most usable granade in the market!"

For more details and ordering your version of the Epsilon, check their homepage at

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