ASCU2 Gen.4 released

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Some big improvements are made!

ASCU2 Gen.4 released

Airsoft Systems released their new Gen 4 ASCU unit. What's new you wonder? New retail price is not yet clear...But did you know you will enjoy 3 years of warranty?! Continue reading and discover all the improvements made.

1. New MosFet transistors with 16 times less resistance, resulting in to faster cycle, better active brake, more shots per battery charge and less heat.
2. New very strong trigger switch.
3. New reinforced design with full polymer encasing.
4. Better short-circuit protection.
5. Easier installation.
6. Updated software with easier programing (accidental hop-up program activation is impossible).
7. Improved cut-off lever.
8. Improved selector plate.
9. Fits all standard and reinforced version 2 gearboxes.
10. 3 year world wide warranty (!!)

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