Tokyo Marui to unveil their new AA-12 AEG!

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Tokyo Marui pulled a surprise today!

Tokyo Marui to unveil their new AA-12 AEG!

Previously international "International Marui announce another M4 variant" day during the Shizuoka Hobby Show will never be the same again. A few weeks back they teased some images of some less-than titivating releases that failed to light anyone on fire but subtly added "and also something BIG"... Well, today that bigness got unleashed and it's the answer to a lot of player's prayers. Mr Marui has never been more attractive than now... Yep, it's a triple barrelled, triple hopped, AEG Tri-Shot AA12 with a MOSFET and a 3000 round drum magazine. Oh boy, that sounds impressive right? :)

It definitely is something different, do you guys like it?

Model: AA-12
Series: Automatic Electric Shotgun
Price: Undetermined
On-Sale: Undetermined
Target Age: Over 18 years old


  • Equipped with fully new “3 Cylinder Mechabox”.
  • 3 round fire from 3 barrels. Adjust hop-up individually.
  • Full (10 shots per second)/Semi-Automatic selective fire. 30 shots per second (3 shots x 10 times)
  • FET (Electronic Switch Method) is newly adopted to lessen damage of the switch.
  • Kashima-coat of alumite is used for nozzle guide. This makes nozzle motion and 3 shots supply smoothly.
  • Metal inner frame strong body.
  • 90 rounds magazine. 3 seconds can be shot by full automatic mode.
  • The drum magazine is produced as optional magazine. Its power-operated system takes in BB bullet by pushing the switch at the magazine bottom. Magazine capacity is over 3,000 rounds.

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 838 mm (Undetermined)
  • Inner Barrel Length: Undetermined
  • Weight: 4,200g (Undetermined)
  • Magazine Size: 90 Rounds
  • Bullet: 6mm BB
  • Power Source: 8.4V 1,300mAh Ni-MH Mini S Battery


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