Australian MLC Wants Airsoft Legalised

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Huge steps are made to make Airsoft possible in Australia

Australian MLC Wants Airsoft Legalised

Video released by the Liberal Democrats in Western Australia show Aaron Stonehouse, MLC launch a campaign to legalise airsoft in Western Australia. This is probably the strongest campaign to have airsoft legalised in Australia after many years of efforts by airsoft organisations in Australia to have their sport recognised. Australia has very strict gun laws.

Watch the dedicated Facebook Page of the Western Australia Airsoft Club about the campaign to legalise airsoft in Western Australia! Give them a like and show them some love from the rest of the Worldwide Airsoft Community... Good luck Aaron, Mark & Laurentiu! Their next step is a face-to-face meeting with the Minister for Police by the end of August. They got full support from the European Airsoft Association (EAA) and UKAPU.

Friends and family live in Australia, hope to play some day with you guys :)

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