Borderwar Milsim 12: Operation Storm Lord

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A most visit Airsoft Milsim event for 2020!

Borderwar Milsim 12: Operation Storm Lord

Ok heads up! For those who like a professional MILSIM event, do mark April 17-19, 2020 in your agenda's! Borderwar Milsim 12 is inbound and approaching fast. This years event is named "Operation Storm Lord". The game area is in a 1,5 hour driving distance from Prague in one of the former military areas in Czech Republic! Borderwar is known and praised for their large scale tactical airsoft MILSIM events the part years, includins some LARP components and military vehicles and props. Total gmae length is 50 hours, so come prepared!!


Participants are mostly European MILSIM players from around 31 countries including overseas (US, Panama, Philipines, Brazil etc...) Starting MILSIMERs are also welcomed. They aim to create a large scale international high level Airsoft MILSIM event with an exciting atmosphere and a great level of enjoyment for all participants.

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