Shot Show 2020 Range Day Video

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Check our highlights of the day before Shot Show 2020 even started

Shot Show 2020 Range Day Video

SHOT Show 2020; Started the week off with some fun at the range! Crazy how many guns there were, and I couldn't even fit all of them in this video! Here are some of the highlights of our day! Thanks Paul Bondoc for the video edit... 

My personal highlight of the day? The Barret MRAD and it's always nice to shoot with the KRISS Vector! The demo of the Police K9 unit was also very impressive...

More on Shot Show 2020 later, stay tuned!


SHOT Show 2020 live report!

Written by // Ronald “SlickAxe” Meeuwissen Categories // Special

SHOT Show is about to start!

SHOT Show 2020 live report!

It took us a few years, but we are back at SHOT Show! We visited SHOT Show 2017 for the first time, again in 2020 we will provide you with a live coverage via our social media (mainly Instagram and Facebook). Traditionally the year starts with worlds biggest gun show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. on the 21st to the 24th of January we are looking forward what exhibitors, real steel and airsoft, will be offering for 2020. The SHOT Show 2020 will represent all major airsoft brands having their wares on display at the event though we expect an even bigger presence of the airsoft industry at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2020 in Germany. IWA can be considered the biggest Airsoft show in the world...

This year we will also attend the Industry Day at the Range on monday before the show. This will be lot's of fun and will give us the opportunity to test some real-steel counterparts of popular Airsoft replica's. Appart from the range they, this is also a great opportunity to talk to many brands regarding the Arisoft T-Plug initiative we run!

Also this year, like at IWA, there is the gathering of airsoft industry representatives, media, and of course visitors to the show, there will be the annual “MEALSIM SHOT Show 2020”. As to when and where it will be, better visit the MEALSIM Facebook Group to find out. We will keep you posted, expect many event reports on our blog!


Borderwar Milsim 12: Operation Storm Lord

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A most visit Airsoft Milsim event for 2020!

Borderwar Milsim 12: Operation Storm Lord

Ok heads up! For those who like a professional MILSIM event, do mark April 17-19, 2020 in your agenda's! Borderwar Milsim 12 is inbound and approaching fast. This years event is named "Operation Storm Lord". The game area is in a 1,5 hour driving distance from Prague in one of the former military areas in Czech Republic! Borderwar is known and praised for their large scale tactical airsoft MILSIM events the part years, includins some LARP components and military vehicles and props. Total gmae length is 50 hours, so come prepared!!


Participants are mostly European MILSIM players from around 31 countries including overseas (US, Panama, Philipines, Brazil etc...) Starting MILSIMERs are also welcomed. They aim to create a large scale international high level Airsoft MILSIM event with an exciting atmosphere and a great level of enjoyment for all participants.

We got your attention? Find more details at Poland

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