GATE Electronics Quantum Trigger

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When you really care about super sensitive triggers this is for you!

GATE Electronics Quantum Trigger

This is next level trigger tuning for Airsoft. When you have a GATE Aster V2 and would like to go pro with trigger tuning; this is the way to go. GATE Electronics released their first non-electric product, the Quantum Trigger. Which off course works great with their other electronics. Check out the details below... 


When hair trigger starts to be boring, it means you are ready for the next level. With Quantum Trigger and ASTER V2, you can set sensitivity from ludicrous ‘touch’ through ‘hair’ to full movement.

- Ultra-high resolution – even 60 trigger sensitivities for the 1st mm (0.04 in) of movement
- Even 470 possible sensitivity levels for whole movement
- Designed to work with ASTER V2 optical sensors
- Dedicated especially for pros and skilled users
- Made from aluminium by CNC

Using the Quantum Trigger, you benefit from a totally new way of trigger detection. Instead of covering, the trigger precisely reflects the light. Shape and surface of the QT is unique and dedicated to work with ASTER V2 sensor. All these features give that extreme resolution.

This CNC Quantum Trigger is like a diamond among coal rocks. Dare to try it. Compatible only with ASTER V2.


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