Silverback Airsoft MDR-X almost ready!

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Available in 6-9 months from now

Silverback Airsoft MDR-X almost ready!

We have seen this Desert Tech MDR-X prototype during IWA 2019 in March. Now more than a year later Silverback Airsoft announces the project is still alive and kicking, ready within another 6-9 months when all goes according to plan.

"While the mass production of MDR has started last year, multiple local and international events have made the task considerably longer than expected. Given the current circumstances, we estimate that the MDR AEG will hit the market within 6 to 9 months, but it could be longer if the situation deteriorates in our production areas."

To keep the spirit alive they released a technical 3D video with all the tech details and features. We can expect another update on the project in July, hopefully all goes according to plans as this project is still a promissing project. We are pleased to see this AEG will get T-Plug connectors right from our factory, supporting our Airsoft T-Plug initiative!

What we do know for sure at this stage: 
-It will be the latest version of the MDR, the MDR-X, in 7.62mm version.
-It will be available in Black and FDE.
-Length: 700mm.
-Weight: 2.6KG (with magazine, without battery).
-420mm inner barrel (brass, 6.05mm bore).
-It takes G&P/ A&K type SR-25 mags, will be delivered with a polymer 80 rounds midcap.
-The 10mm ball bearings Gearbox is partly proprietary but most V2/V3 gear sets and piston body will be compatible with slight modifications.
-Computerized trigger and motor control, Dean (T-Plug) connectors.
-Battery bay can accommodate Li-Po stick/AK type batteries (7.4V or 11.1V).
-There are plans for MDR-C (compact version), 5.56mm adapters kits, barrels kits, handguards and many other things, but later.

So stay tuned! :)


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