KRYTAC FN P90 Announced!

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The latest hot release from KRYTAC

KRYTAC FN P90 Announced!

Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG), the production and distribution subsidiary of, have announced their airsoft reproduction of the FN P90 to equal applause and scratching of heads! Manufactured in collaboration with KRISS USA Inc.’s premier brand of airsoft products, KRYTAC, under license granted by Cybergun SA, this promises to be a superlative AEG, but one which will no doubt suffer much analysis from the chairbound airsoft community before they even get their hands on one!

What we do know is that the EMG P90 AEG will be a 1:1 representation of the FN P90 Tactical SMG, a top loading, bullpup submachine gun, with MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny top rail. The body is made of a durable, impact resistant, polymer, with an aluminum upper receiver; and an ambidextrous magazine release, charging handles, and selector switch. The P90 is a select fire SMG with a compound trigger in Auto mode, a half press fires one round, a full press fires automatic. The EMG P90 is fed through a 200 rounds mid capacity magazine, with selectable 50 rounds capacity switch.


The Airsoft Glock 17 pistol is reality!

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Cybergun Announces The Fully Licensed Inokatsu Glock 17 Airsoft Pistol

The Airsoft Glock 17 pistol is reality!

There has been a huge buzz over the internet reagarding the fact there wasn't a real licensed Glock pistol available for Airsoft. All started with first pictures of Marck over at RedWolf Airsoft of his imaginary Airsoft glock. Times have changed, Cybergun did just introduce a real fully-licensed airsoft Glock for regular airsoft players! Cybergun had the Glock contract since Oktober 2015.Their first pistol was announced around Januari 2016, a Glock training tool for the French Interior Ministry. Now Airsofters can get a hand on a fully licensed Glock 17. So that means our imaginary airsoft Glock has become a thing of the past...

There is a small problem though, this Inokatsu Glock 17 Gas Blowback Pistol will only be available in France, so lucky are those airsoft players who are residents in France. However I am sure it will spread to the rest of Europe, including The Netherlands very fast.

The Glock 17 pistol is licensed under the Inokatsu brand. Cybergun acquired the Taiwanese airsoft manufacturer Inokatsu in 2010 with a plan to provide premium airsoft products and Inokatsu is an established name for premium airsoft guns. That means the pricing for the Inokatsu Glock 17 GBB Pistol will command a premium price! Initially, Cybergun will be releasing a Limited Edition Inokatsu Glock 17 GBB Pistol with a price of €350 and it will just be limited to only 100 pieces. The photos included here are what airsoft players can expect to receive if they get the limited edition which will come with a Glock t-shirt, case, Glock Cap, and a Glock Patch apart from the pistol and magazine. It is on pre-order as we speak. Also mentioned on their facebook page, a regular Inokatsu Glock 17 Gas Blowback Pistol with a price of €250 will also be released and orders will be taken by the 28th of August.

Regarding pricing, it is in the Inokatsu range… Which will make airsoft players, even in France, to hesitate as it is expensive though we expect that Cybergun may not find it difficult to sell as there airsoft players wanting to own a fully licensed airsoft Glock. The question is if it will perform better or as well as the Marui G17 Gas Blowback Pistol or even the WE Airsoft G17 GBB Pistol. It would have been great if it is Glock 17 Gen 4. Unfortunately, this seems to be a Gen 3 version.

After all those years the Glock airsoft pistol is real and out there soon! Will you buy this unique item at the price point Cybergun is asking for? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: 40 items expected to arrive in The Netherlands @ Bunker 501...


Official licensed Glock G17 Airsoft version!

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Unfortunately only for MIL/LEO...

Official licensed Glock G17 Airsoft version!

We did write about Cybergun obtaining the GLOCK contract back in October 2015, unfortunately we figgered out this was only for specific market training needs. As confirmed by Cybergun.

Now Cybergun announced availability of this airsoft version to this specific market, the waiting starts for the official introduction into the Airsoft Market. Perhaps during IWA 2016? ;)



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Remark: Only for Military training. Nothing stated about airsoft...


“…In addition to this revelation, the CYBERGUN Group has signed with the Austrian arms manufacturer GLOCK a license agreement to develop replicas for training for military procurement and training of forces. CYBERGUN The group will present at the MILIPOL the first two replicas from this collaboration: the GLOCK 17 and GLOCK 19.

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