KRYTAC joins the Airsoft T-Plug initiative

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New models announced with T-Plugs from the factory!

KRYTAC joins the Airsoft T-Plug initiative

Just days before the EVIKE AirsoftCon 2019 we have some great news for the Airsoft T-Plug initiative; KRYTAC announced to adopt the Airsoft T-Plug into their full AEG line-up! This is a mayor step in the goals of our initiative. As a leading brand KRYTAC once again shows they lead and and continue to exceed user expectations for out-of-box performance. Welcome on board KRYTAC, thank you for your support. We are a mayor step closer to our goal of introducing a new industry standard. The Airsoft T-Plug!

Both the new announced Limited Edition Vector Alpine and the Trident MKII-M PDW feature the new Airsoft T-Plug battery connector, with Tamiya adaptor. The Airsoft T-Plug is smaller, provides a more secure connection, and functions with substantially less resistance, versus the traditional Tamiya plug. These 2 AEGs are the first KRYTAC AEGs to supercede the T-Plug over the Tamiya. Regarding the transition to the Airsoft T-Plug, KRYTAC Product Manager, Allen Lau states;

“The Airsoft T-Plug, commonly referred to as Deans Plugs, has been the connector of choice among top level technicians for decades, due to the performance gains and space savings for high performance AEG builds. We are very excited to offer this superior battery connector as an OEM configuration, and continue to exceed user expectations for out-of-box performance.” - Allen Lau – KRYTAC Product Manager

All new models will feature the Airsoft T-Plug and later also the current models will adopt the Airsoft T-Plug! More details on the new product releases can be found here. Be sure to also check their new M4 style magazine! And did you notice their new website? All in all a nice update from KRYTAC during EVIKE AirsoftCon 2019!

Pricing and Availability
The KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector Limited Edition Alpine AEG and the Trident MKII-M PDW will all be available for worldwide distribution beginning December 2019. The manufacturer suggested retail price for the KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector Limited Edition Alpine AEG is $499.00. The MSRP of the Trident MKII-M PDW is $325.00. The KRYTAC® M4 Midcap Magazine is currently available through KRYTAC Authorized retailers, and it is offered individually for $15.99 each, or as a pack of five for $69.99. 

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