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New European AEG announced at IWA 2012

Airsoft Systems ASAR AEG

Airsoft Systems is founded in 2008 in Bulgaria, they are well known because of their ASCU unit. For those who don't know, it's a drop in unit that transforms you AEG in a PTW with additional monitoring features. At IWA 2012 they introduced a complete new AEG with smart improvements over a standard AEG. Also named "the new European AEG". The AEG will be distributed by Redwolf Airsoft (Asia), Gunfire (Europe), ZSHOT(USA) and ASG(Europe) around March 2013. They are now working on mass production and will start a testing period afterwards. We fully checked the prototype in detail! Continue reading to check all the details and see the pictures...

Vladimir, engineer and co-owner of Airsoft Systems, gave as a detailed introduction to his new AEG. Vladimir is an engineer but above all a fanatic airsoft player himselves. So he knows the disadvantages of current AEG's, and this is what has been improved in the new ASAR AEG:

  • To start with it's a firm replica with Bulgarian markings. Remark this is still a very advanced prototype all CNC made. This is not yet the final mass production version which will be molded!
  • ASAR Stands for AirSoft Assault Rifle 
  • They will all come with deep laser engraved serial numbers. Notice the serial number on this first prototype: AA00000001 :D
  • The AEG has a split gearbox (like the new ICS or PTW models have) which is very well sealed of (no room for dust, sand or what so ever), it's also reinforced at many places (four times more stronger than ver. 2 gearbox) and serves also as a heatsink for motor and cercuitboard.
  • A new trigger mechanism for reproducing the mechanical sense and reset of a real m4. This really is a unique feature in an AEG. Trigger break is adjustable from 1.5 to 2.5 kg.
  • A new tappet plate which provides better feeding and air sealing of the nozzle with the hop-up rubber. Complety integrated inside the gearbox.
  • Real bolt imitation in order to move all the way back when pulling the charging handle.
  • The barrel will be standard M4 length with 6.04 inner barrel.
  • New electronics with the ASCU features, these are all perfectly stored within the lower part of the gearbox.
  • Blowback: simple, the ASAR does not have any blowback and/or recoil system. Vladimir opnion is clear, recoil can't be done properly on an airsoft replica see hi won't add that feature.
  • Stock tube is MILSPEC and can hold a 1300 mAh LiPo battery.
  • Easy spring changes due to a new design of the upper gearbox part. No cylinder needed, just a torx to drop in a new spring. Just a matter of seconds! The internals can handle a M150 spring easily.
  • Empty magazine? Stop shooting. No dry-firing.
  • Functional bol catch with real sturdy feedback. Needs to be pressed after changing the magazine.
  • Uses standard M4/M16 AEG Magazines. It also uses standard motor, geards, springs, piston, cylinderhead, cylinder, cylinder head and nozzle. It is not decided yet what brand Airsoft Systems will finally end up with as far as gears, motor, piston and cylinder assembly.
  • Airsoft Systems has plans to implement a full year international warranty as on their ASCU units. This is unique for airsoft and very welcome for both retailers and players.

A little more detail on the testing period, they will provide around 50 AEG's to mainly Bulgaria players (new players, advanced, diehard milsim players). They have to shoot 50.000 BBs in 2/3 months time. After that they will collect the AEG back to their factory and read out all data and technically check the AEG. A big testing operation which will ensure the qaulity of the AEG, hopefully it won't delay the release date too much! :D

As you can see Airsoft Sytems thought of many innovations to the standard airsoft AEG and gearbox and implemented it just in the right way.This new ASAR AEG does set new standard for a decent price. Speaking of pricing, this AEG retail price will be around 380 euro and will be available around March 2013 (depending on manufacturing problems and testing results). We hope to see the final model at the next IWA 2013.

UPDATE: Now available Oktober 1st 2019!

This is the first time we heard of Airsoft Sustems but certainly won't be the last time! Please let us know your thoughts on this AEG in the comments below.

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