KSC M11A1 System 7

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Several shops in Japan are taking pre-orders of the KSC M11A1 System 7. Rough Japanese translation provided here. Better ask your retailers outside of Japan when they are going to have this item in stock...

Popular Compact SMG 'Mac 11' with the new System 7! This release has evolved to a fully automatic cycle. Conventional machine is now lighter with the magnesium bolt. The standard features are also available withoout the suppressor and the magazine is now for the System 7 types.


Length: 235mm
Weight: 1315g
Magazine Capacity: 50 rounds

This product is expected to be released on 27 October 2009, with an approximate pricing of JPY17,850 (US$196.85). But expected release date and pricing might be changed without notice. May not be delivered immediately as there will be longer list of pre-orders. Poland

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