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This is something new for the airsoft world, a 18 month warranty on your AEG! Amazing! Land Warrrior Airsoft is now starting sales and will provide 18 months of warranty. The warranty will include all mayor breakdowns...

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Land Warrior Airsoft Ltd is proud to announce that we are now offering an 18 month warranty on rifles from Real Sword, G&P and Classic Army (excludes Sportline & Value Packs).

Working with these companies directly, we believe that these products are reliable and of such high quality that we can easily offer this service. This gives you piece of mind that the platform you are buying is going to last, giving you excellent long term value for money.

The warranty covers all major breakdowns but does not cover wear and tear, modified internals or use of batteries above 8.4 volts.

Land Warrior Airsoft Ltd is the first company in the world to offer this fantastic support to our customers.

Video reviews of the CA LWRC M6 and Real Sword SVD Version 2 are now available on You Tube


Check their website at Poland

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