The MadBull TALON system is a licensed product by Gemtech. Originally the Talon Trinity system is a 9mm conversion for the AR-15 series, build in the upper receiver.

The Trinity System made by Madbull features a barrel extension module with interchangeable rails for use with many different Airsoft replica AR-15’s from TM to CA to ICS. The Madbull Talon is a welcome addition to all the standard 4-sided RIS RAS rail systems for the AR15 replicas. Its rail setup versatility is it’s foremost feature to me.

First Impressions
Out of the box the unit looks impressive with all its supplied rails and millions of screws. Even if you fill all the hole’s you will still have enough screws left to build a house, anyway back on subject. Also the supplied outer barrel and silencer look and feel rigid. The Product looks good, time to take a closer look.

Installing with the original barrel
Installing the Talon is easy, except for the slip ring disassembly, this part of the installation is a hard nut to crack without using some brute force. But past this point the Talon installs with ease.

Installing with supplied barrel / silencer
If you want to use the supplied silencer then the outer barrel assembly is much easier. But you will have a problem with the length of the original inner barrel. You have 2 choices, cut the original inner barrel to the correct length or buy an extra inner barrel with the correct length. I would choose the last option if I have to. I would only use this setup in CQB terrain, not in woodland. Due to the short length of the inner barrel you would have an imprecise trajectory.

Overall fitment of the Talon is very good. If you place the 2 halves together and screw them on tight there is no movement or friction. It fits tighter than a Classic army RIS unit for example. And I think more durable also. Alignment with the top rail of the main body can be done precise. Madbull even supplied a slim spacer for the 1mm misalignment with CA bodies. With this spacer they are leveled

Choosing the setup you want for the many rails supplied is easily done and within a few minutes you changed the look of your front-end. Just by using u hex screwdriver. Unfortunately I could not find a hex key supplied with the kit, this could be accidental. Luckily I’m well supplied with various tools.

Madbull made the front-end out of two pieces of thick machined aluminum. All parts have great fitment with each other, everything aligns correctly. I have the feeling that you could run a big 4x4 over the Talon front-end and it would still have its shape.. Sorry didn’t test it. Silencer and barrel assembly are also perfect, the silencer has 2 parts, screw them together and the seem almost disappears.

Should you buy the Talon? Yes. Yes, because you can have a completely different look to your replica and for the build quality. With the kit you can choose to keep your original barrel or set up your replica with the silencer. Interesting would be to setup a replica to 9mm conversion with the Talon front-end

Ease of fitting:    ***
Build quality:    *****
Reliability:    *****
Comfort:    *****
Value:    ****
Overall:    *****

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