Madbull Powdershot Landmine

Introduction This landmine is the first mass produced Airsoft landmine and is finally availeble for scenario gaming or just for fun! Add variety to your war game experience with this gas powered land mine that detonates when your enemy steps on it. Shower them with baby powde or use as a distraction device. This mine includes a loud pop when detonated! People will scare to death!

First Impression
I just received these unique thing in and I'm really impressed! Looks are cool and opperating is really fun! The design is simple and save and works very practical and fast. Even a safety ring is included. What kinda disappointed me was the size of it. More on this later.

This landmine will deliver best performance with CO2 gas, which gives off a VERY loud "POP" sound when stepped on. Green gas or red gas can be used as well. HFC134a gas will work but will be quite weak. Gas charging is as easy as filling any GBB or grenade shell. Baby powder loading is also very simple - just remove the upper cover and put the powder on the dish. When you are ready and the mine is in position, unscrew the safety ring, put the upper cover back and hide it with leaves or straws! Resetting the mine is very easy and is done very fast.

Using some chalk or flour will add a nice smoke effect. The smoke effect is not big but adds a nice effect. We used during this test movie HFC green gas. We expect that propane makes a decent louder pop and sprays out the flour a bit better. Madbull recommends a maximum pressure of 500psi in their landmine, you will than certainly be rewarded with a very sharp bang.

You can also put 8mm BBs or paintballs over the holes so that they fly upward when the mine is detonated, this is adviced not to do for optimal performance. Madbull has deliberately chosen not to make this landmine use 6mm BBs for safety reasons since the BB's would fly upwards and possibly through the games in players' safety glasses.

Individually serial-numbered for easy identification in case someone tries to steal your landmine and make it theirs!??

There is one part of the mine I found annoying though. The black plastic "safety ring". It can be pressed onto the trigger plate rather firmly. Be sure to install it properly otherwise you will need tools to remove this ring.

In the field
This is really funb in the field. It really adds a nice dimension to airsoft and you can really scare people to death :) We experienced 2 rather small things to discuss. First we expect that the fill valve may get clogged with mud or dirt, best way to solve this is to put some duck tape or something down there to prevent some filling problems in the future. Maybe mdbull should improve this with some sort of cap. Second the magbull landmine is rather small. On the pictures the mine looks pretty big. However when you compare it with a computer mouse it is almost the same in size. This is not a large "teller mine" and you will definately need some mines to make this approach effective. At least 5 I would say and that will become very costly.


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