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About Modify
MODIFY is a company from Taiwan specialised in precision metal parts, turning industry tools and precision machine attachments such as Airsoft Custom Parts, R/C Car Upgrade Parts etc. They have 40 years experience in the industry and their products have a high reputation for quality and value. MODIFY is still a new brand here in Europe, but rapidly increases it's popularity. They mainly aim at high quality airsoft upgrade parts and accesoires for the gearbox. We would like to thank MODIFY and also for providing us this review opportunity. Please read along and find out more about the MODIFY Modular Gearset.

First Impression
Build Quality

This is how the Modular gearset comes in it's package. Well protected...

The complete set, some Stainless bushes (6 pieces), Modular gears with tempered stainless bushes (double oil grooves), Synthetic lubricant with PTFE, a little A4 manual and the Anti-reversal latch.

Detailed picture of the lubricant, includes PTFE and looks just fine. Not big but more than enough.

Detailed picture of the 6 Stainless bushes, good quality finish.

Detailed picture of the master piece itself. Remark the writing on it, "MODIFY" and "Speed 16.32:1"

Detailed picture of the other side

Detailed picture of the Anti-reversal latch, remark the groove on top of it! Extremely usefull...

The complete set together with a TM MP5 gearbox.

Here starts the most enjoyable part of all this. We are ready to install the MODIFY Modular Gearset, see how easily it will fit in. Please follow the detailed installation pictures below, and also check the picture comments we made!

Installation: First install the bushings properly. This can be done with the MODIFY bush key set (which is very usefull) or just the old fashioned way; use force! :)

Installation: Not really neccesary but we did a little gear grease on there, remark just a little and not too much!

Installation: Install the module and put a few drops of the lubricant on the double oil bushes.

Installation: Now install the Anti-reversal latch, again see the groove on top of it. Remind to install the little spring right!

Intallation: Check if the modular gears are properly installed, not hit the gearbox and not hit the wires!

Installation: This is a picture from MODIFY themselves. It perfectly shows the gearset in action! very cool...

Installation: This is the CA B&T MP5 gearbox, you can clearly see the problem with the Modular Gearset, On the left part of the gearbox there is no room for the rack of the Modular Gearset.

Installation: Be carefull to install the tapped plate right as shown on the picture!

Installation: This was before...

Installation: This is after.... Now you are done with it, this can be done within 15 minutes!

We will do extended performance test during our next skirm. Rate of Fire and FPS will be checked. We also have a nice supprice, we will test this MP5 with a new SYSTEMA Speed motor. This really sounds like an ultimate speed version! When we have enough time we hope to compare this speed set, with a torque set! So a MODIFY Torgue Modular Gearset and a SYSTEMA Torgue motor. We will also compare it with the stock CA parts. We are exited and will keep you posted, stay tuned!

Please find below a scan of the manual with some instructions and maintainance tips included.

Click for a larger version, remark 4MB large!

The beauty of this product is that it combines high quality standards together with innovative design and functionality.

This is where we end with, our final thoughts on the complete story...


    * Very easy to install.
    * Well priced.
    * The gears come in a rock solid unit.
    * Properly aligned, no shimming needed.
    * Will fit nearly all brands of gearbox (except CA reinforced, remark: we did not test all).
    * Will work in non-aligned gear boxes.
    * Comes in a very complete set, all you need is available.


    * Individual gears can not (yet) be replaced.
    * For those who love CA, it will not fit into an reinforced gearbox!

I will give the Modify Modular Gearset a 9 out of 10! I really would like to give it a 10 out of 10 but I found 2 minor con's (where the CA gearbox is not even MODIFY their fault). However this Modular Gearset is very impressive, the first gears MODIFY make and they nailed it! Most important is that the innovative design is a large step forward in gearbox engineering. Some good idea's and engineering really made this a very nice and easy to install kit! It only takes several minutes and you don's need to worry about shimming issues. It is great to see how it combines high quality standards together with innovative design and functionality. We like MODIFY, give them a try yourself! You won't be disappointed.

We will continue to update this review on future performance! I would also like to refer to this exellent review made by FarEast on the MODIFY Modular gearset:

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