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MODIFY contacted us to test their upgrade parts for airsoft replica's and to provide feedback and improvements on these items. First some more information on MODIFY. MODIFY is a company from Taiwan specialised in precision metal parts, turning industry tools and precision machine attachments such as Airsoft Custom Parts, R/C Car Upgrade Partsetc. They have 40 years experience in the industry and their products have a high reputation for quality and value. However MODIFY was unkown for us and we suppose quite unknown in Europe. They mainly aim at high quality airsoft upgrade parts and accesoires. We are also very pleased that they are interested in consumer feedback and that they are willing to listen to feedback to improve their products even more. We would like to thank MODIFY for providing this opportunity to NLAIRSOFT.COM. Please read along and find out more about MODIFY and their airsoft upgrade products. To be clear we have tested parts for M16/M4 series, however MODIFY provides upgrade parts for nearly all Tokyo Marui replica's!

How does an AEG work?
For those who don't have a clou how the internals of an AEG work, please find the art impression below to give you an idea. Thenks to for the great artist impression!

First Impression
The upgrade kit comes nicely packaged, with the parts snugly fitted into the foam nice and compact. The kit contains the following: cylinderhead, cylinder, piston, pistonhead, nozzle and the springguide offcourse. Actually all the parts look very well built, well designed, good finish and solid! We were very impressive and glad to see we have received some top quality material here... The modify kits are there for all sorts of airsoft replica’s, as we mentioned MODIFY provides for nearly all Tokyo Marui and compatible models upgrade parts.

* The cylinderhead is a double o-ring type for better sealing
* The piston is a polycarbonate one light and durable
* The pistonhead comes with a bearing
* The springguide also comes with a bearing

Cylinderhead & Cylinder & Nozzel

The MODIFY stainless steel cylinderhead is a cylinder head with a double O-ring so that it has a better seal. On the MODIFY cylinderhead there is also a foam ring, the foam ring has 2 advantages; first it makes your gearbox quitter and second because of the foam ring there is less stress on your gearbox shell when your piston hits it. I took the cylinderhead and it fitted nice into the cylinder. However there was a small problem which we have passed through MODIFY. When installing the cylinderhead to a reinforced gearbox (6mm) of a Classic Army M15A4 Rifle their appeared a slight problem. Well the problem was that the cylinderhead did not fit over the 2 nocks in the front of the Classic Army gearbox. I also had a Tokyo Marui M733 with a stock Tokyo Marui gearbox lying around and in there the cylinder head fitted nicely and snug. MODIFY already made some slight adjustments and soon we will receive a new Classic Army compatible set. Stay tuned on a update on this review for our final results and thoughts.

The modify cylinder is a steel one witch is very nicely polished and very smooth. Nothing more to say really. High quality cylinder against good pricing!

The modify nozzle is a nice touch to the kit! The nozzle is a plastic nozzle, it will alow a better flow trough of air and will insure les air leaks witch insures a better and constant fps. This also thanks to the added O-ring...

Piston & Aluminium Piston Head

The piston that comes with the MODIFY kit is a polycarbonate piston with 1 steel tooth. This piston looks like a Tokyo Marui one only from a much higher quality material, some may choose a aluminium piston over a polycarbonate but for the velocities that are normal in Europe a polycarbonate piston is a winner. A polycarbonate piston is lighter then aluminium and will cause less stress on the gearbox and less noise. The piston looks rock solid and looks that it can handle heavy gearbox loads. However we adviced to introduce an all steel teeth piston for ultimate performance, this will be send together with the Classic Army compatible parts. Stay tuned on the update about this...

The pistonhead is an aluminium pistonhead and has a bearing that seals the cylinder very well, the piston head is a ported design. The website states that it is made of aircraft aluminum alloy. The bearing on the piston head, makes sure the spring can rotate as it gets wound up so it can perform at its best. This will also lengthen the life span of the spring. Also will the bearing cause an additional fps, around 5 fps. We were also very impressed that the parts all fit very well, they are indeed 100% air thight and no FPS will be lossed. This has been tested with our finger on the nozzel and pushing the piston through the cylinder. It was truely impossible to do this, it all was air tight!


The springguide in this kit is a full steel springguide with a bearing, the full steel springguide is also well constructed but has another slight problem when you try to fit it to a Classic Army gearbox use’s pins to get it instead while a Tokyo Marui gearbox uses round pins to hold it in place instead of the flat ones, this again will be addressed in a kit that is Classic Army compatible. The full steel springguide will make more noise then a stock plastic one but is a lot stronger and the bearing again insures longer spring life and a slight increase in fps. This springguide base and the two wings are shaped in one-piece, this to make a high durability. The two wings are the weakest part of a spingguide and MODIFY ensured this problem is history. This springguide can handle up to a M170 spring, so don't worry about any durability! Using it with a M120 spring (340-350 FPS) will make it run for ages.

Here some European retail prices of the MODIFY parts. They look extremely low, but i think they are right. We will compare them with some SYSTEMA parts, just a fast price comparison:

* MODIFY Bore Up Cylinder Set 60,00 EURO
* MODIFY Bore Up Nozzle 10,00 EURO
* MODIFY Bore Up Pistonhead 20,00 EURO
* MODIFY Fullteeth Piston 20,00 EURO
* MODIFY Bore Up Cylinder M16A2 17,00 EURO

* SYSTEMA Nozzle 12,50 EURO
* SYSTEMA Alluminium Pistonhead 25,00 EURO
* SYSTEMA Red Piston 31,50 EURO

We have used some prices from Stormtec and Arco & Frecce to compare. First of all we think the quality of SYSTEMA parts and MODIFY parts are comparable here. So we do not compare aplles with pears here. As you can see prices on MODIFY are very well! Most of the parts are below SYSTEMA prices and quite a lot. However the AREA 1000 cylinder of SYSTEMA is a little cheaper but we do not know the quality of it and so we don't know if it is comparable or not.

These parts of MODIFY do see a bright future we think. Good quality parts with good prices! And the company itself is listening very good to feedback and has great service. Compatibility problems will be solved soon! Stay tuned on this review since we will provide an update when the improved Classic Army compatible parts have been received. When we have fully upgraded our Classic Army gearbox we will also take some nice shots of the internals installed!

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