New Generation Airsoft HPA Systems

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New Generation Airsoft HPA Systems

Popular Airsoft informed us on a great Airsoft HPA systems video review. HPA-powered airsoft guns are experiencing a revival, and it's now a homegrown business in the USA. Also getting more and more popular in Europe. HPA-powered airsoft guns are early generation airsoft guns and if you are familiar with classic airsoft guns, you'll know that these were mainly HPA-powered until Tokyo Marui did away with reliance on tethered airsoft guns with the introduction of the AEG and established the standard for airsoft AEG gearboxes.

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Now those standards for developing airsoft gearboxes have become the basis of revival of HPA-powered airsoft guns. Started by PolarStar Airsoft's Fusion Engine, drop-in HPA engine kits that were designed to quickly convert version 2 , version 3, and now M249 AEGs into HPA-powered airsoft guns, are now getting increasing acceptance. Whilst Springs, AEGs and Gas Blowbacks dominate the market, HPA has established a foothold again and might just expand further on.

With the introduction of the Wolverine Airsoft Single Moving Part (SMP) HPA engine earlier this year, and now the Valken V12, now there's competition to PolarStar Airsoft. What makes these HPA systems for airsoft different from the Classic Airsoft HPA System, apart from their compatibility with the AEG airsoft guns, is that they are programmable, allowing you to configure the muzzle velocity and cyclic rate separately with the use of the Electronic Control Units (ECU). The PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine and the Valken V12 are almost similar in build and installation methods; the Wolverine SMP allows existing gearbox shells to be converted into HPA engines which makes installation a bit longer than both the Fusion Engine and V12.

Furthermore, PolarStar Airsoft have partnered with VFC for their EPAR Series which are complete PolarStar HPA airsoft guns; and Valken have partnered with G&G with their Combat Machine series having V12 versions. Only Wolverine Airsoft seemed to have not partnered with an airsoft manufacturer to come out with complete SMP airsoft guns.

The first question that comes to mind with airsoft players wanting to try their hands on the HPA powered airsoft guns is: What's the difference amongst these HPA systems besides price and configuration?

That's where Bingo Airsoftworks comes in as they have established themselves as the authority of new generation HPA Systems. Well-known for their custom PolarStar Airsoft projects, they also accept Wolverine SMP and Valken V12 custom projects. With this three-part review of these HPA systems, Rudy gives us an HPA-101 --- understanding how these work, their advantages and disadvantages. He explains these systems in clear terms that after going through the videos, you will come out with an appreciation on HPA systems, which revolutionised airsoft prior to the introduction of the AEG and how the new generation systems are making them even better and configurable.

And if you’re looking into getting an HPA System, then this review will be a definitive guide too. Enjoy the review and it's best to send your questions to Bingo Airsoftworks if you want to learn further.

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